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   Chapter 71 This Is The True Color

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"I'm really sorry, Miss. Josie. Please forgive me. " Lowering her head, Amanda begged. In a blink of an eye, she was more obedient.

Josie clicked her tongue in exasperation. "Mrs. Amanda, Are you apologizing to me? It's rare. Do you know that yelling doesn't work? "

"No, it's not what you think. I'm sorry because I shouldn't have vomited on you." she explained.

Both Darren and Sophie were stunned. They thought they had no idea how to irritate Josie. It had always been Josie who enraged others. They didn't expect that Amanda had really infuriated her so much, and she even threw up at Josie.

The thought of it made Sophie sick.

Josie's face darkened, but she didn't say anything.

"I should just spit in your face. I've never seen anyone like you. We are mutually beneficial and win-win. I really admire such rampant people as you. Are our employees paying for nothing? Put on a swagger all day. Are you watching too many TV shows? Are you stupid?"

As a matter of fact, Josie didn't catch what she said. And Sophie's mouth was agape.

However, there was a glimmer of smile in Darren's eyes. Such an Amanda would fight at any time. They had already offended Josie, so it wouldn't matter if they offended more.

She was too angry to say a word.

She even pretended to be angry with her and said, "Don't think the Xia clan's case is a big deal to us. Without you, is our company going out of business? And we don't have to eat or drink anything and then jump off the building? Without you, we can work hard. There are many people who want to cooperate with us. I will be suspended for half a month, and then half a month later. I'm still the vice president of the an group. During my leave, everything I've done has nothing to do with the company."

"Well, how brave Mrs. Amanda is! " "I should change my mind," she added She clapped her hands. "Mr. Darren, if you want to cooperate, I can cooperate with you. In addition, I can give you all the cases of the Xia Group for the next half of the year. "

Sophie stood aside and didn't know what to


"I don't want to talk to you anymore. I am so sleepy. Wake me up when you get better. I want to sleep for a while." She then leaned against the sofa and lay down.

"Go to the lounge. How would you like to lie here?" Said Darren flatly.

But she refused at once, "no, thanks. I'll just take a rest here. "

'This is a public place after all. He and Rose must have been used to hanging out in there. He'd better not go into the break room. She can sleep in public, so it's natural for him to do that.'

Noticing that she was on the bed, he didn't continue.

"Darren, where are we going for dinner? " Said Rose with a smile, coming into the place during the shooting of the commercial.

"I have something to do tonight. You can eat by yourself. " Said Darren flatly.

Rose leaned over and looked at the files piled up on his desk. She said with a little pity, "Look, what a hard work you have done. It's all because of Amanda who makes trouble. You've worked so hard to help her, but she offended Miss Josie."

As soon as she heard that they were talking about her, the drowsiness of Amanda immediately disappeared. She curled up on the sofa, covered in a dark blanket, and was so dark that Rose might not notice it immediately when she entered the room.

But the rest of them couldn't have imagined that someone would doze off on the sofa of the office of Darren.

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