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   Chapter 70 Sincere Apology

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While waiting in the car, Gregorio saw that Josie walked out of the elevator with a frosty look on her face. She drove her red sports car away immediately. Gregorio thought that the meeting was about to end. However, after waiting for a while, Amanda still didn't come back. Worried, he opened the door and walked up. The reserved seat was empty and the waiter was cleaning up. He asked, "Where is the guest at this table?"

The waiter saw that he was well dressed, with a pair of graceful eyes and a good attitude. "She must be in the bathroom now. She just vomited here."

"Thank you." The expression on Gregorio's face changed slightly. He walked to the toilet and found that Amanda was washing her face at the washstand. Her face was red, and she looked like drunk.

"Here you are. I screwed it up." Amanda gave him a smile but it looked like crying. She was so drunk that she staggered out of the place with the help of Gregorio.

"Why did you drink so much?" Seeing Amanda lying on the back seat, Gregorio couldn't help but ask.

The question made Amanda's heart ache. She had tried her best, but why was the result still not good?

"She asked me to drink wine, and she filled up a full glass with wine and won't talk only if I drank it up. Then she had me finished a large plate of seafood. After that, she said she didn't want to talk with me today, so I went to chase her and then I threw up. She was very angry and said that she didn't want to cooperate with us anymore." Amanda cried in injured tones, "I didn't mean to puke. The wine was cold and the seafood was cold too. I felt awful after eating it."

"Well, it's okay." After hearing her words, Gregorio understood what had happened. It was Josie who made things difficult for Amanda and she wanted to bully Amanda.

"How could it be okay? She said she wouldn't cooperate with us for the next two years." Amanda sat up and began to sob.

"An family won't be stick with Xia family only. Without Xia family, the earth can still rotate." Replied Gregorio.

Then Amanda lay down again and murmured, "Your joke

tarted our business, we didn't do that great. Why so critical? If you don't like her, I will talk to you by myself." Said Darren in a low voice.

Josie waved her hand and said, "I'm here to send you the invitation. It would be great if you can attend my cousin's engagement party. I don't want to talk about anything else. It was the worst meeting I've ever had." Then she stood up and walked away. As soon as she opened the door, she bumped into Amanda who was at the door.

A trace of disgust flashed through Josie's eyes. She took a step back and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Miss. Josie, what can I do to make you agree to cooperate with An Group?" Then Amanda looked straight into Josie's eyes and said, "It's not easy for me to do business, but you made trouble with me and bullied me like that. As Mrs. An, I can't compete with Darren, so you can bully me as you like, right?"

The expression on Josie's face changed. She snorted and said, "Miss Amanda, doing business is with our mutual agreement."

"Then why did you let me drink so much and let me eat so much unbearable things if you were unwilling to do business? Don't you think you are going too far to deliberately make things difficult for me?" Amanda raised her voice.

Josie smiled, trying to maintain a graceful posture, "I have already told you that the one in the initiative has the advantage, haven't I?"

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