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   Chapter 69 Mess It Up Thoroughly

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"Then do I need to wear a pair of thicker trousers?" Amanda wanted to cry but had no tears, "I'm going home to take now."

"No need for that. If you get burned, they will take a toll on the cooperation case with you. Now that you are the wife of An family, ordinary people dare not hurt you easily." Said Gregorio.

Amanda was about to cry, "But you just said she was not a normal person."

Looking at the time, Gregorio stood up and said, "Well, it's time to go. We should go now."

Then what surprised him was, Amanda looked around and asked him, "Where is the ashtray?"

Although he didn't understand what the ashtray was for, as an assistant, it was his responsibility to prepare everything when the boss needed it.

Because Amanda didn't smoke, the ashtray on the table had been removed. When Gregorio took the ashtray out of the drawer, he saw Amanda pick up the ashtray and try to hit him with it.

But Gregorio responded so fast, he grabbed Amanda's hand and asked, "Mrs. Amanda, do you want to kill me?"

If she didn't knock down Gregorio, she couldn't break his head; if she failed to break his head, she couldn't see blood; if she failed, she couldn't faint in blood and run away. Thinking of this, Amanda immediately lowered her head with depression.

"Am I that annoying?" He just arranged a meeting for Mrs. Amanda, which made her so furious that she wanted to smash his head. Gregorio had always been an excellent assistant, but now he doubted whether he had done a good job recently.

"You're a good assistant. Don't belittle yourself. It's a pity that I'm not a good boss. You are taking care of me all the time but I bring you so much trouble." Amanda sighed.

"It's my pleasure that Mrs. Amanda would think this way. But is this the reason why you threw the ashtray at me?"

"Yes." Amanda admitted it, and she rose from her seat and made her way to the door.

She wore a wine red strapless long dress, her hair was slightly red curly. The dove blood ruby around her neck matched the red wine in the crystal glass in her hand. With a lazy expression, she slowly drank up all the wine in the glass before she lazily opened her mouth, "Darren is too coward. He even sent

discuss it. But it makes no sense now if you don't want to discuss it with me!"

Josie knocked on the table and said, "You'd better know that the one who has the initiative has the moral support. I'm a businesswoman, and I'm so unreasonable. I've seen many girls like you. You pretend to be foolish but actually is smart, to win sympathy with the innocence. Don't watch too much idol drama, and you need this when meeting with people." She pointed at her brain.

Then Josie complained, "I thought An Group could send some good fellow. It's a waste of my time. Tell Darren that I'm very unhappy. I'm in a bad mood."

"Miss. Josie, wait a few more minutes." Seeing that she turned around and was about to leave, Amanda chased her in a hurry.

Holding her arms, Josie said coldly, "I don't want to talk to you anymore."

"Ah..." Nothing was more tragic than what happened in the world. Amanda was forced to eat so much cold food before, so she threw up before she could say anything.

Josie thought she must forgot to pick a lucky date before leaving home. This presumptuous, stupid woman vomited at her face and on the hem of her dress. Seeing that her favorite dress was splashed with liquid, Josie couldn't stand it anymore. Controlling her fury, she said flatly, "All right. There's no need for us to talk anymore. Besides, I'll send the bill of the clothes to your company. I won't let An Group appear on Xia Group's list of cooperation for the next two years."

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