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   Chapter 68 A Dangerous Encounter

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"In fact, you can make the decision at will. I think you are better at analyzing it than me." Amanda said.

Gregorio raised her head and said, "I'm not An family member."

"Me too." She added.

"I know. It's just a joke." Then, Gregorio went back to his work.

A gust of cool wind blew in and made Amanda's smile freeze. 'what a reserved joke!' she thought.

"Mr. Amanda, Mr. Darren wants to see you. " Gregorio walked in and said.

"He just called me. Why did you come here in person?" Amanda stood up and smiled. She had a good impression of Sophie, who was her younger sister and escorted by Gregorio, so she got a better position as the vice general manager.

"Please don't say that. I'm just joking. I have nothing to do. I want to have a talk with my brother."

Amanda nodded and left.

Gregorio and Sophie were alone in the office.

"What does Mr. Nicholas mean by sending you here to help her?"

"It's not what we should think about," said Gregorio.

"Then what should we think? While you're busy with your own business, other people may not think that it is Mr. Nicholas' good intention. They only know that you are sent here by him. When you were busy with Mr. Nicholas' matters before, who was not polite to you? I'm not willing to see you stay here." Sophie said in an aggrieved tone.

"You know them too. How could an outsider figure out the ways in it? Besides, in my opinion, it's no big deal no matter how busy I was. I should be here if my grandfather needs me. What's more, do you really think that Mr. Nicholas sent me to help Mr. Amanda? So we have to make a profit from this case. "

The thought quickly came to her. With a faint smile, she said, "I hope so, or our efforts will be in vain."

"What do you want from me?" Then she opened the door and saw Darren standing beside the window and looking at the beautiful scenery outside. She suddenly remembered that he had stood here before and threw her high-heeled shoes into the window. She got very angry.

lurk. She held the arm of Sheryl's, and said, "Miss. Josie of the Xia Clan is a hard nut to crack. She always scolds those who negotiated with her in business. Manager Amanda, as a young woman, can't she bear it?"

Darren glanced at her. "Or you?"

Seeing them leaving with laughter and chatting, Sophie sighed and answered the phone.

"He want me to go there? " Amanda was surprised to hear that.

With a serious look, Gregorio sat in front of her, with a material on the table.

"What's wrong? Is he so powerful? " The people she had met before, Gregorio would talk with her briefly on the way and give her a general introduction. But this time he was exceptionally serious, which made her a little nervous.

Seeing how frightened she was, Gregorio said to her, "you should review the files about the characters first. "

"Josie, twenty-five years old..." As soon as Gregorio knew the meeting was arranged to Amanda, he began to make the preparation for the fight. After listening to his introduction, a woman who was shrewd, sophisticated appeared in Amanda's mind.

"Is she great?" Amanda asked nervously.

"As far as I know, she splashed a cup of hot water on the negotiator's pants," replied Gregorio. He smiled when he saw the sadness in Amanda's eyes. "Because his business partner wants to have dinner with her. "

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