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   Chapter 67 Unexpected Bleeding

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Updated: 2020-01-26 15:12

"It's from the mineral estate owned by grandfather in South Africa. The purity of diamonds are pretty high, therefore they are sold at high prices. But grandpa sent the diamonds just for my aunt's sake." Lionel said, "I did some investigation afterwards. She was way out of line."

A thought came to Amanda's mind and she said subconsciously, "I thought you would be angry."

"Yes, of course I was angry. I didn't expect she hurt you." The expression in Lionel's eyes turned cold.

"Don't be angry. She is your aunt after all." Amanda said, "If I wanted to fight against her, I would do it right on time. In fact, I didn't expect that things would develop like this. You asked me out for dinner, but I really didn't have the confidence to persuade Nicholas."

Lionel nodded, "I know. It's none of your business. Don't over think about it."

Amanda nodded her head, and naughtily picked up a piece of puff and put it on Lionel's plate, "I think you like it, too." she added.

Looking at the puff on his plate, Lionel shook his head helplessly. He definitely didn't eat cream.

"You must eat it." Knowing that he didn't like the cream, Amanda picked one for him on purpose. She giggled and dodged away with her plate. But she ran into Darren and the cream cake hit him, which made his suit become a whole mess.

Amanda's eyes widened, but the expression on Darren's face didn't change much. His eyes turned sinister, "Follow me to change."

Amanda made a face and followed him to the upstairs.

"Where is the gift from Mr. Gu?" Darren's cold voice came through the dressing room.

Lying on the sofa and waiting idly to peel fruits, Amanda answered, "It should be on Susie's neck now. She loved it so much, so she took it directly."

He changed his coat and came out, seeing her leisurely peeling an apple, "You are so generous that you even send out the diamond necklace."

"Just let her wear it. It's not like she won't return." After Amanda peeled the apple, the apple fell off her hand and rolled on the ground. The apple fell onto Darren's foot. He stumbled and Amanda's eyes popped out of surpr

tressed." Nola said worriedly as she applied medicine for Darren with iodine and anti-inflammatory drugs.

"I'm fine, Nola. You make some chicken soup for her. She took care of me last night. I'm sure she didn't sleep well." Said Darren.

Nola was overjoyed, "I know. Don't worry, Mr. Darren."

When Amanda woke up again, it was already ten o'clock in the morning. She suddenly sat up and murmured, "Oh my God! I'm going to be late! I'm going to be late!"

She rushed downstairs and saw the chicken soup prepared by Nola.

"This is what young master asked me to cook when he got up this morning. It tastes good. Please drink it before it is tepid."

Hearing this, Amanda thought that Darren was conscientious anyway, he knew that she was busy taking care of him all night. She sat down and had some chicken soup. She rushed to the company as soon as possible, thinking about the things that Gregorio had arranged for her.

"I've changed the schedule for all your work for this morning. Now that you are here, please look through the letter of intent to cooperate with E Company." Gregorio was poker faced all the time, which made Amanda feel like she was a pupil who came to pick up her homework. She obediently took the files from the desk and looked through them. There were a lot of contents that Gregorio had commented and corrected. It was not like a letter of intent but a case analysis instead.

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