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   Chapter 66 A Surprising Gift For Greeting

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6075

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"Oh my god. Why is she here?" Muttered Amanda.

Darren tilted his head a little and didn't hear what she said, so he asked, "what?"

"My cousin is here too. Does the Cheng family cooperate with the Gu family? I know nothing about it. " As soon as she finished her words, Amanda lifted her chin and made an eye contact with Darren. Under his gaze, Susie put away her disdainful expression immediately and raised her glass to Darren. She looked very sexy and beautiful, with a big earring and brown chestnut curls, a big smile hanging on her face.

"Hey, are you staring at something?" Amanda asked cheekily.

Darren glanced at her and said, "My taste is not that bad."

"I thought you liked everything." Amanda blinked her eyes and made fun of Darren.

Looking at her with his dark eyes, he smiled and said, "Since you like it that way. So……"

When she heard this, she jumped away immediately like a burning fox. There was anger and embarrassment in her beautiful eyes. "Darren, that's enough," he said.

"Hahaha! Darren is coming." An old man came over. He was wearing a black tunic suit. His hair had turned white. He looked tall and thin. He was a little thinner than Nicholas, but he was in high spirits. With a black and red crutch in his hand and several men and women following him, he must be from the An family.

Darren smiled politely and said, "How are you doing recently, Grandpa? "

He waved his hand and said, "I'm not as energetic as your grandfather. I'm just spending my days here." He turned to look at Amanda and said with a smile, "your wife is so shy. Don't be nervous. Here is no different from the An family. "

"You're welcome," she said immediately.

The old man raised his hand, and a box was handed to him from behind. He handed it to Adele and said, "When you go

ound her neck, he smiled in surprise and said, "dear, your clothes are so impressive today. I wonder if I have the honor to invite you out for a walk. ."

"Thank you. It's my pleasure." Susie relied on Mr. Dick to get the invitation. Because Mr. Dick was a relative of Gu family's son-in-law, he helped her a lot.

Amanda saw Susie wear a diamond necklace, so she didn't ask her to keep it. She was happy about it. She walked out of the room.

She took the plate with her fork and took a piece of blueberry cake. Suddenly, someone put a piece of dessert on her plate and said, "This one should be your favorite. "

Amanda turned to look at Lionel and smiled, "Have you finished?"

"More or less. As the eldest son, he has to run here and there." With a sigh of relief, Amanda chuckled at her words. She nudged him with her elbow and said, "Don't come. The Mr. Lionel is a workaholic. He has to engage in social activities twelve hours a day. He's not that tired."

"Hey, you are not complimenting me. You are mocking me." "Do you like this present from Grandpa?" he asked while they were picking food

"Compared with liking, fear is more. If I wear it, I will be robbed very often." Johnny proposed.

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