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   Chapter 65 The Banquet At Gu Family

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7120

Updated: 2020-01-26 00:26

Charles said, "Amanda, don't forget your last name is still Cheng. Cheng family has raised you for so many years. You can't forget your family so easily. You wouldn't have gotten married if it weren't for us. Why did you pretend to ignore our request of help? Even it's only a small matter."

Helplessly, Amanda pounded the table and said coldly, "Charles, if I don't want to help you, I'll tell you directly that I'm not going to help you. I said I didn't know, then it meant that I didn't know. You'd better be polite to me."

Charles was furious and wanted to leave. But when he thought about the money, he had to stay patient and sat down, "It's Mr. Gary from GF Investment Bank. How could you not know him?"

Amanda raised her voice and said, "Gregorio, do we have cooperation with GF Investment Bank?"

Gregorio adjusted his glasses, said calmly, "Two days ago, you had an afternoon tea with Mr. Lin from GF Investment Bank and you signed the agreement."

"Well, Mr. Lin, I really don't remember. See, I don't know anyone, including your Mr. Gary." Amanda shrugged her shoulders and explained.

Hearing this, Charles was a little speechless. He said, "Now that since you know Mr. Lin, it's easier for you then. Mr. Gary should have to listen to Mr. Lin. Why don't you make a call with Mr. Lin or make an appointment with him for a meal? Isn't this all negotiable?"

"What identity do you think I can make an appointment with him? I'm just a poor nobody." Amanda chuckled.

A smile crept onto Charles's face, "Amanda, how can you be a poor nobody? You are the wife of An Group and the deputy CEO here. If you ask him out, he will come for sure."

"Do you mean I should ask him out as the vice president?" Amanda asked.

Charles nodded immediately.

"Well, it's all right. You can go back and wait for my call." Amanda nodded.

Hearing her words, Charles felt happy in his heart. He said in a hurry, "Then start your action as soon as possible. It is very urgent."

Then Amanda propped her chin up and said, "I'll try."

So after Charles left, Amanda made a cup of coffee for herself and offered Gre

as made into a bun, and a crystal hairpin was placed on her head. Her clean little face looked pitiable. She looked at Lionel with a tired look, as if she was an exhausted cat who went out for a trip.

Darren, together with Amanda, walked forward and said, "We are both young generation, so you don't have to entertain us in particular. You are the most excellent grandson of your grandfather. It's better for us to entertain other guests."

"Right. Leave us alone, Lionel." Amanda added.

She called him Lionel.

How dared she say 'us'.

The two men looked into each other's eyes. Darren's hand around Amanda's waist tightened to make her lean against him. Lionel smiled gently, but his eyes were full of anger.

Amanda yawned again. The trip to Gu family was so long. She had slept twice in an hour. Now she didn't want to socialize at all. She just wanted to have a good sleep in a room, if possible.

Of course, Lionel couldn't just entertain them two. He left in a while.

"Let's go." Darren let go of Amanda and grabbed her arm to leave.

"I can walk by myself." said Amanda.

"Since you are so sleepy, you will definitely run away if someone seduces you." Darren curled his lips.

"What? I won't." Amanda murmured. Suddenly, she saw Susie. Why was Susie at the banquet held by Gu family? Susie had a smile on her face. But when she saw Amanda, her face changed to contempt immediately.

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