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   Chapter 64 Get Relieved

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"I'm looking for my shoe. What's up? If you need some files, ask my assistant to send them to you." All of a sudden, Amanda saw something falling from the sky. It was a small dark spot. The spot fell on the ground not far away from her. She took a closer look. It was her missing high heels.

"Darren, let's wait and see. " She just dropped the high heels. No wonder she couldn't find them and they didn't fall at all. The high heels were broken. Looking at it, Amanda got angry and grabbed the high heels, trying to settle accounts with Darren.

"Mr. Amanda, please wait for a moment. Mr. Darren is..." At the door, while answering the phone, Sophie turned around and saw Amanda coming to her, so he tried to stop her, but he failed. When he saw Amanda coming in directly, she continued, "Brother, I didn't stop him, so she rushed in directly. There's nothing we can do. I know what you mean."

At the sight of Lionel, Amanda froze for a second. The file in his hand caught her attention. "What are you doing here?" Darren asked with a frown.

With a faint smile in his eyes, he looked at Lionel and said, "it's good that you are here."

"It's none of your business. We'll talk about it later." Said Darren.

"It happens to be related to my mind. Sit down, please," he added He motioned for her to sit down. Amanda looked at Darren, who was wearing a dark face. She thought for a while and sat down.

"What do you want?" "I'm unable to change grandpa's mind. "Darren said.

"That's for sure. But Nicholas did it for our sake. He would invite you and Amanda to my home for the party. It's not a difficult thing, right?" Answered Lionel.

Darren looked at him and said, "A dinner party is very famous. Are you sure?"

'a dinner party at the Gu family?' 'He invited them?'

His words took Amanda by surprise. His brows shot up. "I won't go. "He said.

"Would you like to go, Amanda?" He looked at Amanda and offered

icked him away. But he clung to her like a drowning man. Darren walked over and said in a deep voice, "Don't touch her."

When he heard what Darren said, he was startled and released his arms immediately.

Darren took her hand and pulled her to leave. But the latter shook off his hand, and turned to look at Charles. "What's up? You can go to my office with me. Don't make a scene in public, "she said.

Looking at the dissatisfaction in Darren's eyes, Amanda smiled, "Mr. Darren, I have to deal with my personal affairs. If you have anything, you can ask my assistant for help."

Charles put on a smile and followed Amanda.

"Tell me. What happened? Why are you here?" But the sudden arrival of Amanda surprised her very much.

Charles immediately pleaded, "My dear sister, would you please do me a favor? I have to pay the money back, but there is an accident, not much time yet. Please help me talk to Mr. Gary of the investment company and let him slow down."

"Mr. Gary? I don't know him. " After thinking for a while, she shook her head.

Charles immediately got anxious. "How can you not know them? I remembered that the investment bank made a contract with you half a month ago to help you analyze the situation."

"Really? I really don't know him." Amanda proposed.

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