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   Chapter 60 Encounter By Accident

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7395

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Amanda was shocked, "Lionel, do you think I can solve this? I don't need the identity of Mrs. Amanda. It belongs to the An family." She was so tired. She continued, "Did you call me out for this?"

"Of course not. It's just a coincidence. I'm really sorry to have spoiled your mood. Let's go to another place." He then made a gesture to Amanda and smiled, "I will make it up to you."

Then he got in the car and drove away.

Seeing the car driving away, a hatred flashed in Mrs. Colleen's eyes. "She's just a little girl. What's so important? Is it that Mr. Nicholas tried to fool us? Who doesn't know the purpose that the An family will marry her? The Cheng family is not even qualified in front of our Lin family."

Mr. Gerry snapped, "you don't know this old man. He's a smooth talker and she would seize every chance to make a false charge against others. You slapped her without any reason. She didn't hurt a kid, but you slapped her more severely. She's the lady of the an's group no matter what."

After getting a slap in the face, Mrs. Colleen was very dissatisfied. He threw Mr. Gerry's hand away and said casually, "what's wrong with me to slap her? Just for a girl from the Cheng family. Darren even politely calls me aunt. No matter what, I have the shares of the An Group. You are such a fool to shout. I'll tell my father when I go back. That should be all right."

Mr. Gerry sighed, "I hope you can make peace with me."

"Woo woo woo." Shirley suddenly burst into tears. Mrs. Colleen immediately held Shirley in his arms and asked," What's wrong with you?" Shirley? "

Shirley burst into tears and said," The fox stole my brother away."

Mr. Gerry said," Let's eat first."

Mrs. Colleen said, "I'm not eating here, Shirley. Let's go back to eat your favorite pudding."

But she paused and looked at Mr. Gerry, "This girl looks pretty stubborn, but she has a good relationship with Lionel. You couldn't invite him, but she easily did I'm afraid things will change."

Mr. Gerry's face suddenly changed, "don't talk nonsense. "

"What are you afraid of? I know what I'm doing." Mrs. Colleen snorted. Amanda had humiliated him so much, she must find her back.

"At that time

roup belonged to him, so she was the only guest here. The corner of Amanda's mouth lifted slightly. "Then enjoy yourself. I'm leaving now. " Then she closed the door and left.

Seeing that she was driven out by Darren, the woman in front of her became even more complacent. Originally, she just wanted to find Darren and make an appointment with her for lunch, but she didn't expect that Darren would take her here. Looking at the pale face of Amanda, who was in great anger, she could do nothing but smile with satisfaction. This woman should realize what she meant to this time.

Seeing his receding figure, Darren's anger grew in him. He said coldly, "Rose, you have something else to do. Go out too. "

Hearing his words, Rose wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and said, "Honey, you haven't come to see me for a long time. I thought you would forget me. "

"I've been busy lately." "Have you finished the advertisement shooting?"

Speaking of this, Rose became more attractive. She whispered in Darren's ear, "I know you love me, and you won't be able to win the endorsement. Darren, let's have a child, shall we? "

Darren looked up and said, "You know me. "

Though being a little aggrieved, Rose didn't dare to say more about this topic. She had met many women before, but she had never met any woman who was able to get pregnant. She was very smart, and every time she took contraceptives obediently, so she had followed him for so many years.

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