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   Chapter 58 Out For A Meal

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7219

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"I will go out after I give you the medicine." Amanda said in a low voice.

"Just because I helped you today?" "If that's the case, you think too much. I just wanted to protect the dignity of An family." said Darren.

"If I got protection because of the dignity of An family, then it's reasonable for you to bully me for the dignity of An family, isn't it?" Amanda's face was pale in the light, with a decent luster. But her lips were rosy, like cherries covered with dew.

It was rare that she felt guilty to Darren, because he could always say hurtful words to her without hesitation. This made Amanda feel a little upset for a while.

Darren stared at Amanda and thought, 'I have always been full of disdain for him. Why would I say something like that now? It seems that I have been hurt by him.'

He asked impatiently, "What do you want, Amanda?"

"I don't want anything." Amanda lowered her head and said.

"Then why did you come in?" Said Darren.

"You are hurt."

"It's none of your business."

"Darren, can you not always turn a deaf ear to other people's help? I admit that I am caring about you, because you stand out for me today. No matter what happened, you have protected me well. I feel guilty that you got hurt. I can't leave you behind, but I don't want to be your punch bag because of this." Amanda said angrily.

"Guilty? I don't need that. If you want to feel guilty, then do it. I don't need anyone else to feel guilty for me. Only the woman who is willing to continue with me can stay with me." Darren said coldly.

After thinking for a while, Amanda said, "Give me Rose's phone number, let me help you call her."

After a loud noise, the door was heavily closed. And then Amanda was thrown out of the door. She rubbed her red wrist and murmured, "I don't care what you say. You can do whatever you want." She turned around and walked away.

Nicholas and the butler stood at the end of the corridor. There was a hint of anxiety in the butler's eyes, "Mr. Darren is still that hard to approach. I thought Mrs. Amanda should be more tender. But she is more stubborn than Mr. Darren. How can they live on like

ould sleep? Thinking of this, she felt more embarrassed.

Seeing the caller ID was Lionel, Amanda was nervous. She answered the phone carefully.

"Why do you sound so dispirited?" Lionel asked with a smile on the other end of the line.

"I just fell asleep by accident." Amanda put her hand over the phone and said.

Lionel answered in a low voice, "It's noon. Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"Okay. What do you want to eat?" Amanda asked.

"What do you want to eat? You decide this time." "I'll drive to the company to pick you up after work." Lionel added.

Amanda nodded and hung up the phone. She couldn't help but look forward to it and a happy smile spread over her face.

Raising his head and seeing the smiling face when she held the phone in her hand, Gregorio restrained the disdain in his eyes.

After getting off work, Amanda rushed to the outside of the company. When she saw Lionel's car, she ran to it immediately and got into the car.

"Don't act like a thief." Lionel said with a smile.

"Yes, it actually feels like being a thief." Amanda said. She looked at Lionel expectantly and asked, "Where shall we go?"

"It's your call." He looked at her with a smile.

Amanda thought a while, "Maggie recommended a restaurant to me. Let's go there. Oh, I almost forget that Maggie is still alive or not. Has she been dragged to the middle of nowhere by Henry? I have to call him to check."

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