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   Chapter 57 Who Will Get This Done To Me

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"Stop it. Let me check if there is any bone injury." Worry was written all over her face as she shook off his hand.

"Okay." He said in a low voice, turned around, unbuttoned the shirt slowly and then took off his shirt.

"What are you doing? Why do you take off your clothes carefully? "Amanda blushed with shyness.

Turning his face sideways, Darren asked, "didn't you say that you wanted to see the injury? "

"I don't need to take off all your clothes even if I have to see the wounds, "she added.

Darren rolled his eyes at her and said seriously, "if I don't take off my clothes, how can you see the wound? It's not on my shoulder. "

Suddenly, she found the bruise on his back. She screamed and touched it with her cold fingers. When her fingers touched his warm back, both of them trembled in fear. She complained, "Why did grandpa hit your back so hard? It's not your fault. Does it hurt?"

Her words softened Darren's heart. He gave a little cough and said, "Don't worry. Grandpa just hit me for the Lin family. It's not a big deal. "

"How can you say that is fine? It's still uncertain if the bone is injured. I'll call the Butler for the doctor. " Then she jumped off the bed and rushed out.

Darren didn't stop her. He looked at the open door in a daze, and opened the door with another hand. He looked serious and said, "Grandpa."

Nicolas said with a gloomy face, "Do you need a doctor for this minor injury?"

Darren didn't say anything.

Nicolas laughed and said, "My grandson has grown up. It's time to retire."

"Grandpa, why did you do that?" Asked Darren.

Why did you do this to save Amanda's face?

"Then why did you do that?" Nicholas asked in reply.

Darren didn't say anything more.

Nicolas left directly.

After a while, Amanda found that the door was closed. She knocked at the door and shouted, "are you sleeping, Darren? The doctor is here. Go and see the doctor. "

"Get out." A cold rebuke came from inside.

"What's wrong with you? Open the door and apply some medicine on the wound, "she shouted and kicked the door.

"Get out of here. It's none of your business, "he said impatiently.

"Hey, why are you so unpopular? If it weren't for your injuries, I wouldn't have cared about you. You let me go in to heal your wound, and then I will leave at once." Then she kicked the door ag

ine in her life. When he fell into the water, he grabbed the plank, untied her embarrassment and humiliation, and gave her dignity and pride.

Dignity is what matters most to her. He picked it up and wiped it carefully. He treated it as a treasure and gave it back to her.

And Mr. Nicholas embarrassed them in front of Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Colleen. Although it was for the sake of Darren, but Nicholas was also protecting her. When her relatives regarded her as an enemy, when she was hurt by everyone that she could trust, she would be extremely grateful for what they had done for her.

When she was violently raped, she was not afraid of being sold, she was not afraid of being aborted, or being taunted. She was not afraid of all the harm that came to her. She could face it with a smile on her face. But Sheryl was the bottom line that she could not bear.

However, if someone had treated her well, she was willing to go the extra mile.

Looking at him, Amanda felt less defensive and repulsive.

"Then get out. I want to have a rest." Hearing what she said, Darren was unhappy. Was she just sympathizing with him? He didn't need women to worry about him.

Amanda stopped what she was doing, took out a cotton swab and dipped it into the medicinal liquor.

But Darren was lying on the bed, turning a blind eye to her. So he got down on his knees and lifted up his shirt to check his wound. See that exposed wound, just for a while did not see and swollen open a layer. "Get up. Don't press on the wound, "she instructed.

"Get out." Darren said coldly.

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