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   Chapter 56 Fingers Pointing At Two Locusts

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6601

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She couldn't get the answer, but she didn't care. After finishing the task arranged by Gregorio, she felt at ease.

In the evening, Darren drove her directly to the An family.

"Have you sent the video to Grandpa?" On the passenger seat, Amanda leaned forward to look at the scenery outside the window, feeling a little nervous.

Darren replied, "No, we just want to have dinner with grandpa and talk about it by the way. "

Amanda nodded her head. Darren said, "Don't be afraid. You don't need to worry about it. "

"Then why do you take me with you?" She didn't want to go to the An family, nor did she dare to see Nicholas.

Darren frowned and impatiently asked, "Can't you stand to go back to dinner with grandpa? "

When Amanda saw his anger, she said glumly, "I'm not sick of it. I'm a little scared."

He glanced at her and said lightly, "Don't be afraid. We are all families. Don't call him Nicholas. He is also your grandpa."

"That's what you call it when you talk, so I followed suit." she explained.

"Why don't you learn something good. Don't call him that again" Said Darren impatiently.

"Well, I wouldn't have let you scold me like that if I hadn't seen you being the hero who came to save the beauty this noon. Well, I all listen to you, what you said is right. " "I'm tired. I need to sleep for a while. Wake me up when you arrive, "She added.

After a short while, the car arrived at the an's house. On waking up, Amanda saw there were still several cars in the garage. She asked in surprise, "Are there any guests at grandpa's tonight?"

"It's the car of the Lin family," said Darren indifferently.

He then got out of the car, filled with righteous indignation. "Are they planning to accuse me?"

Darren held her hand and said, "We need to be prepared for this, my lady."

Amanda blushed and murmured, "What are you talking about?"

Someone came over, and she had to follow Darren into the house.

"Grandpa, I'll

rt his woman. "

After a short pause, Darren nodded and said, "Okay, I know. It's my fault."

Nicholas took the crutch and mumbled, "It's hard to talk. I'm tired. Entertain them for me." As soon as he finished his words, she turned around and left without looking at Mr. Gerry who was still embarrassed.

She dashed to him and held him. "Are you okay? You'd better call a doctor first. "

Her eyes were full of worries. Darren smiled and said, "I'm fine."

"Darren, this is all our fault. Shirley is still young. I will teach her a lesson when I go back." Mr. Gerry hurried forward and put on a flattering smile.

"Mr. Gerry, you are too polite. It's our family affairs. It has nothing to do with you. I'm just a young man with a little reputation, making people think that our family members are easy to bully. But the illusion of this will soon disappear. It's not early. The Butler, send Mr. Gerry off for me."

Then, he took her hand and went upstairs.

After they went back to the room, Amanda grabbed his arm and asked anxiously, "how's your wound? "

"I'm fine," said Darren flatly.

Amanda said anxiously." how is that possible? Why did grandpa hit you so hard? You didn't do anything wrong."

Darren grabbed her hand and said with a serious look, "are you sure you want to see that? "

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