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   Chapter 55 stand out and protect

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Noticing that she didn't say a word, Darren drew near to the bed and saw Amanda's crying face. He shook his head and said, "Stop crying. You'll be embarrassed if your make-up is ruined."

"It's none of your business." Amanda tilted her body to one side, but her shoulders were held tight by Darren. She turned her face to the other side and didn't look at Darren. A trace of helplessness flashed through Darren's eyes. He asked, "Did I say anything wrong? You used to be glib, but why are you so timid now?"

"What do you want me to do? To attend a party and fight by the way?" Enraged by his remarks, Amanda sat up and said.

"See, I don't even dare to mess with you, you must scare Shirley to cry." Said Darren.

His words made Amanda turned tears into smiles. Covering her face, she murmured, "You are really..."

"What is it?" He sat by the bed and asked with a serious face.

"Thank you." She lowered her head and whispered, "I didn't expect you to help me."

"Why didn't I help you?" He asked.

Amanda replied, "Because she is Mrs. Colleen."

"As you know, she's an old fogey. Why should I be afraid of her?" Said Darren.

"You're so mean." She wasn't supposed to laugh at this time. But she didn't notice that Darren was so funny when she heard him telling jokes.

Darren raised his hands and put them on her shoulder. He said seriously, "Amanda, from now on, you have to be more aware of yourself. If anybody dares to bully you when you are out of An family, you have to pay a huge back by ten times or a hundred times. If you have any problem, just let them come to me."

Looking at him, Amanda was confused and mumbled, "Why does it sound like a story of the underworld?"

"What are you thinking about?" It was hard for Darren to understand. He held Amanda's face and looked at the five fingerprints on it. It was red and hot, and Mrs. Colleen didn't wear any decorations, nor did her nails hurt her face.

He took an ice bag and covered her face with it. The ice bag made Amanda's hot face feel better for the time being. Sophie copies the video and gave it to Darren.

But Amanda grabb

plied coldly, "I don't talk about personal affairs during working hours."

The busybodies left after being snubbed, but they didn't dare to say anything more. After all, Sophie was Darren's assistant, and Gregorio was working for Nicholas. Both of them were not easy to deal with.

When Sophie heard what they said and heard other people's excited guesses, she felt a little sad and a sneer appeared on her face. Now that Mr. Darren's intentions to Mrs. Amanda had been clearly revealed, how could these people still be so arrogant.

When Sophie thought of Darren defending Amanda, there was a trace of helplessness and sadness in her heart. It was not a wise move. She had been working with Darren for several years, and even for the sake of Rose, he would never do such a thing. But was it because Amanda was Mrs. An?

The crowd in the company was anxious. But Amanda didn't have a feeling for it. She still worked as usual. Seeing everyone was out of spirit, Amanda lifted her head and called, "Gregorio."

Gregorio stopped typing and looked up at her.

"Do you know what's going on in the company this afternoon?" Amanda asked, spinning the pen in her hand.

Gregorio shook his head.

Amanda frowned and said, "That's weird. I feel like the other people are in low spirits. Didn't they get their bonus, or did Darren scold them again?"

'They are feeling pity for you.' Gregorio said in silence.

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