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   Chapter 54 Humiliate Zen Face to Face

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6546

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Amanda was startled, then she saw a lovely little girl, so she replied with a smile, "Yes, it's me. What's wrong?"

The little girl jumped off the rockery and looked around her for two circles. She looked funny. Amanda couldn't help asking, "what are you looking for?"

The little girl replied, "I'm looking for your fox's tail. "

Fox tail? "I don't have fox tail," she added.

The little girl said in an affirmative tone, "you must have, because they all say that you are a fox. A fox will have nine tails, right? Otherwise, how can you deceive people?"

"Who said I'm a fox? You should ask them. It must be mistaken. I'm not."

The little girl thought for a while and said, "It's impossible. Everyone says that, so you must have a tail." Suddenly, a light bulb went off in her mind. "You must have hidden your fox tail. Show it to me." As she spoke, she rushed over and grabbed her skirt.

However, the little girl was smart. The girl tugged at her skirt. It was a thin gauze, and the little girl tore it off directly. "Stop that now, or I'll be really mad at you," she held the little girl's hand and said angrily.

The little girl muttered, "Where is your fox tail? Where is your fox tail?" Then her hand was grasped by the Amanda, and she shouted, "You bitch! You stole other lady's husband, but you still hide your tail! Are you afraid of being recognized as a fox?"

"Hey, whose husband did I take?" The little girl was so adorable that she was like a demon in his eyes. She bit her hand when she opened her mouth. Then she used her hand to pull out the back of her hand which hurt a lot.

Someone nearby wanted to mediate, so someone grabbed her and said, "are you crazy? That girl is Mr. Lin's daughter. No one dares to interfere in her life since she was a child. It's not worthwhile to offend Mr. Lin for a stranger. "

With a buzz in his mind, Amanda thought, 'Mr. Lin, who do you think you are? I don't care which one he i

ny people. At the beginning, she knew that Amanda was just a bargaining chip for the cooperation of the An Group. She didn't expect that Darren took it seriously.

But what happened today was ultimately her fault. After all, Amanda was Darren's wife. She was just angry to see her daughter hurt.

Mrs. Colleen said, "What about my daughter's injuries? No one in our family ever hit him. His grandfather likes him, too. My daughter can't come home from the party with an injury, can she?"

"Sophie, copy the video and take it back to the An family." Darren stated in a cold and firm voice.

Sophie answered and went downstairs to make preparation.

"Colin, send for a doctor." Mr. Colin wiped his sweat and walked out, saying, "This way please. "

"Come on, let's go back. It's such a waste of time to see others," Mrs. Colleen snorted, holding Shirley and turned to go.

Darren hugged Amanda and took her back to the rest room under people's gaze.

"You really make trouble everywhere you go." Darren said sourly as he put her on the bed.

"Yes, I'm in your way now. Leave me alone," she yelled.

Darren said, "You act like a tiger in front of me. Take out the strength you normally hit me, and no one will dare to hit you."

She leaned against the pillow and burst into tears.

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