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   Chapter 52 An Awkward Trip

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Amanda looked at all the files sorted in order, then she looked at Gregorio's calm face with no expression, she didn't know whether the tasty pie from the heaven was poisoned.

"Mrs. Amanda, you are young and promising. You and Mr. Darren are a perfect match!" Mr. Zhang shook hands with her.

"I'm flattered." Amanda responded politely.

After she got the executed contract, Gregorio took it directly and put it in the briefcase.

"Mrs. Amanda, Mr. Darren will leave in ten minutes." Sophie came to notify. She smiled when she saw Gregorio. They were brother and sister, and Amanda couldn't help but admire how excellent they were.

On the way, Amanda looked out of the window at the scenery passing by. When she got a call from Maggie, she found that Darren was resting with his eyes closed. He frowned with displeasure.

Amanda ignored his feeling. When she answered the call, a scream came from the other end of the line. The scream frightened Darren who was taking a rest, Gregorio in the driver's seat and Sophie in the front passenger seat.

Amanda covered her ear and yelled, "Maggie, Maggie, calm down. Don't take things too hard. I don't want to be deaf now."

A phone call was no longer enough to vent the bitterness of Maggie. She cried, "Why did I have that damn coffee with you? This son of a bitch is haunting me all the time. He actually asked me to go to the remote village to forget the sweetness and recall the bitterness in the past. Is that human's work? He also said that it was arranged by the hospital to voluntary treat patients."

"What? How could you run so far to the mountain area? Aren't you going to teach in the school?" Amanda's eyes were widened in shock.

"It's only one week. My parents think it's a good thing for me to do that. They called the principal without hesitation because the principal is a student of my grandfather. He doesn't want to stop me. My mother is packing my luggage. I'd better go to your place and hide." Maggie

trees and its long neck was bent into a very beautiful arc.

Amanda had only seen white swans at zoo before. She didn't expect there was one here and couldn't help watching.

All of a sudden, a stone was thrown at the white swan, which was startled. It sprang up immediately only to find that Amanda was standing there. Then it dashed toward Amanda aggressively.

"What's wrong?" Although Amanda wanted to attract the white swan and touch its feather, it was obvious that the white swan was aggressive and not friendly with people at all. Amanda ran back at once, but the white swan chased after her closely. Goose was a kind of aggressive animal, and it was common that the white goose raised at home could beat away a dog, let alone a larger white swan.

"Hey, don't go after me." Amanda was wearing a pair of high heels because of the ribbon cutting ceremony. She got tired so soon after running for a while. The white swan ran very fast. Suddenly it opened its beak but got kicked unexpectedly. Amanda was so frightened that she screamed and fell down on the ground. When she calmed down, she was held in Darren's arms. But the swan run towards them again.

Hearing one sound of whistle, the boss smiled and said, "Mr. Darren, don't be so harsh on my Little White. I have worked so hard to raise Little White up."

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