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   Chapter 51 Stop Being Crazy

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7701

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"Mom, have you recovered?" He was on the island, seeing a helicopter landing. A woman in light yellow cheongsam got off the helicopter, he ran over with joy.

A mother was supposed to be the gentlest. However, she pushed him away, "Go away. Where is John An?"

The butler came forward and said, "Madam, you just recovered. Do you need to have a rest? The young master hasn't seen you for a long time. He missed you so much. The young master is just a kid."

"A kid? Is there any good person in you An family?" She glanced viciously at him, who was still lying on the ground, "I'd rather die after giving birth to the baby. I'd rather I die than see him alive. Ask John to come out. Why did he treat Wen like this?"

She rushed into the villa like a mad woman and yelled, "John An, John An! Get your ass out of here!"

He stood there blankly, not even a tear rolling down his face.

A big hand patted on his shoulder. Darren turned around and saw his smiling grandfather.

Nicholas said, "Darren, you should remember that love is fake. Nothing is more reliable than the things held in hand."

"Take your medicine first." A gentle woman's voice came to his ears.

Suddenly, Darren came to his senses and grabbed Amanda's hand which was holding the medicine.

His sudden action startled Amanda. She looked at him in surprise, "Don't frighten others, okay?"

When Darren saw her, he let go of her and shouted in a low voice, "Get out of here."

She was stunned. Get out? 'Son of a bitch! I gave him medicine but he asked me to get out of here!'

"I don't care if you take it or not." However, Amanda's mercy was limited. As soon as she threw the medicine away, she was pulled into Darren's arms immediately. She felt like weeping, "Darren, let go of me."

"Don't go." He put his hands around her shoulders and held her tightly in his arms, squeezing her so tight that Amanda could hardly breathe under his pressure. But he didn't do anything to her. He just held her tightly, as if he was a little boy who had lost his sense of security. So he held the things by his side tightly in case they were taken away by water.

Amanda seldom had intimate contact with others. In the past, her father always took her and Sheryl out to have fun and let her sit on his shoulders. Her mothe

back to her office, she received a phone call from the front desk, telling her that the assistant appointed by the headquarter had arrived. Amanda was curious about who it was, so she invited the assistant in.

The door was knocked politely. "Come in, please." said Amanda.

A man pushed the door open and walked in. He had refined facial features and a tall figure. He wore a light gray suit and a neat tie. He adjusted his glasses and said, "Hello, Mrs. Amanda. I'm Gregorio Lin, the work assistant of An Group Advertising Company sent by the headquarter."

Amanda almost fell from her chair. In a shaky voice, she asked, "Did... did the headquarter send you here?"

He was the most capable assistant of Nicholas, but why did he send here to help her? Yes, in front of Gregorio, Amanda was nobody.

Facing Amanda's panic, Gregorio was not scared at all. He said calmly, "I'll go to the human resource department to hand over the transfer materials. I will work for you after I come back."

"Mr. Zhang from the Construction Bank scheduled a meeting with you from 9:00 to discuss the specific details of the financing case. These are the guiding principles."

"You need to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at MH Resort with Mr. Darren after 11:00. You won't have work till 2:00, and I'll inform you further about the work schedule in the afternoon."

After reporting by Gregorio, he handed the material over, and then turned back to his desk. He turned on the computer, with his fingers tapping on the keyboard quickly.

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