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   Chapter 50 Drunk Heart

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6735

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Suddenly, a huge sound was heard, and it was a bomb that made Amanda drop the glass in a second. The waiter ran over and explained apologetically that it was a tunnel behind the mountain, and he was sorry to disturb their streak. So they were immediately replaced with new bowls and chopsticks.

When he saw the panic on her face, he couldn't help but take her hand and comforted her, "don't worry. I'm here."

"I thought there would be sea monster." she answered.

"Terry Lake Monster passed through the tunnel of the earth and came here." With a slight smile, the man reached out his hand and held it in front of Amanda. Out of the blue, the latter was startled by his sudden move and almost knocked over her cup. Luckily, the man held him back and stopped him. "All right, have a good meal." Lionel said.

With her eyes wide open, Amanda grabbed his hand and scolded, "You're the one who did this. How dare you talk about me like that?"

Lionel raised his hand and held hers. With a smile, he said, "yes, yes, I was wrong."

"Why did you apologize to me so soon? Did you come up with some bad idea?"

"Because generally speaking, men can't judge right or wrong in front of women." Answered Lionel in a low voice.

A thought struck her. She looked at the man's dark eyes but couldn't say a word. She felt her heart beat faster. At this time, the phone rang. Amanda quickly got rid of his hand and took the phone. It was from Sophie. She told him politely that hoped her to go back to work tomorrow. To avoid such a thing happening, the headquarters would send an assistant to assist Chester in his work.

"I need an assistant from the headquarters to help me. I have to go to work tomorrow," she added.

"That's good. With this, your work will be much easier."

"My holiday is gone. My heart aches, my beach, my surfing." She covered her heart and cried out hypocritically.

Lionel patted her on the shoulder and asked with a smile, "Do you really want to go?"

"Yes, who wants to sta

f relief. "Give me a towel."

Amanda pouted and went to get him a towel. Amanda covered his head with the towel. But he frowned, "you silly woman. I just want to get a towel. Why did you wrap ice? Get a hot towel."

"There are no hot towels here. Cold towels can refresh you. Look, you're awake now." Amanda said.

"You always make sense." He took a towel and covered his face.

"I've been notified by Sophie to come back to work tomorrow," she added.

Darren answered in a low voice.

Seeing that he had no energy to answer the questions, she shook her head helplessly, stood up and went to the kitchen to pour him a glass of milk.

"You will be fine if you drink some milk." Then she handed the milk to him.

Darren took the towel and drank from it. He rubbed his head as he had a headache.

"You can't drink any wine. Don't drink too much. It must be very painful. I'll buy some medicine for you." Then she stood up, changed her clothes and went out.

Darren felt a sharp pain in his head, but he didn't pay any attention to it.

He recalled what Barton had told him. "An family is a place full of pain and suffering. You know exactly how your father and mother died, but you still insist on staying there. Isn't it for the money of your family? It's a shame for a man like you to keep the blood of our family. "

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