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   Chapter 49 What Will Happen

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She opened it immediately. There was a pair of earrings made of ruby, inlaid with a circle of platinum. The earrings were shining brightly. The size of the earrings was as small as a fingernail, and there were a few gems, which were polished very gently, scattered on the edge like a glass of red wine, splashing a little bit. It could be seen that the person who prepared the gift was very careful.

"Thank you, Mr. Song." With a smile, Amanda said in her poor Japanese stock, "I like it very much."

Mr. Song smiled, too. She said in pure Japanese," it's such an honor for you to like them."

After Mr. Song left and those clients, the smile on her face vanished. She even rubbed her face exaggeratedly and said, "I can't laugh that many times a month."

Darren glanced at her and said, "I thought you were having a good time."

"The smile from the bottom of my heart is definitely not like this." She threw the box to the man and said, "That's all right. I'll be back soon. My friends are waiting for me."

Darren didn't take it. "This is for you. Keep it."

"Oh, did you change your mind? It's more meaningful to give it to Rose than to stay here. " She thought it was time to send a present to make amends.

Darren frowned and asked, "What on earth are you thinking about?" "The smile from the

His tone suddenly turned bad. The smile on Amanda's face disappeared. She snorted and turned away. The man who was mean was the worst. Although Amanda was used to his bad manner, it didn't mean that she would put up with his bad manner.

Darren grabbed her arm and then Amanda asked, "What's the point of doing this, Darren?"

"What do you mean 'funny'? Is it funny for a wife to have her husband go out with other woman every day?" There was fire burning in his eyes, which made Amanda a little taken aback. Then she forced a smile and said, "What are you talking about? I don't understand."

After a short pause, he came to his senses, shook off Amanda, turned around and left.

"You are crazy." Looking at her red wrist, Amanda mumbled as she walked into the room.

In the private room, Henry and the other two were playing cards. Henry and Lionel sat upright and focused on cards, as if they were competing to win a life and death battle. On the contrary, Maggie was holding a large number of cards, and her eyes were bright and sharp, looking at Henry for a while, and

r company put me in an awkward position, ' she thought.

The man smiled and said, "Actually, Amanda did a good job. I did her a favor, but she was intent on it. No one else would have handled it that way."

Amanda looked at him and smiled. She didn't expect that Lionel would defend and praise her.

Looking at the happy smile on Amanda's face, Darren suddenly felt uncomfortable as if his heart was stung by a thorn. He stood up and said, "I have something to do, so I have to go now. Enjoy your dinner."

Rose hurriedly and said, "I'm leaving too."

As they were out of sight, he let out a sigh of relief. The old man laughed, "What? Why were you so nervous?"

"I feel a little guilty." Amanda proposed.

"Why do you feel guilty?" He picked up a piece of potato, which was just heated, and put it on her plate. "Is it because you married him?"

"Yes, I know I don't love him, but he is my husband in public, so I..." His face flushed, and he lowered his head to eat.

"Don't be guilty." The man replied.

"Why not?" Amanda looked at him with evasive eyes.

Looking at her eyes, he replied in a slow yet determined voice, "because the food here is very expensive."

What? Amanda looked at him with a stunned expression. He felt embarrassed as he explained, "Oh, I see." She said with disappointment.

"Or what?" The man replied with a smile.

What would happen? A few seconds later, a light bulb went off in front of her. She looked down and saw a pot of fish in front of her. The steam was rising, which blurred her vision. She said in a low voice, "nothing special."

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