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   Chapter 48 He Is Here

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7320

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Maggie said on the other side, "Amanda, why aren't you here yet? Did you run away from us? You should be faithful to your friend."

"I'll be there in a minute." Lionel parked the car at the closed intersection. Maggie were standing in front of the coffee shop. When she saw Amanda getting off the car, she quickly pulled her and said, "You've made me suffer too much."

"What's wrong?" Amanda was scared to death on her way here, but Maggie seemed like alright at this moment. When Maggie saw Lionel who got out of the car, she looked suspiciously at Amanda. Amanda pinched her and said, "Mr. Lionel, this is Maggie. This is Mr. Lionel."

"Lionel." Lionel reached out his hand and said politely. But he was a little upset hearing that Amanda introduced him like this.

"Wow, Mr. Lionel." Maggie immediately smiled like a flower. After greeting, she led them inside.

"Bastard, you are eating my dessert again." Maggie yelled after they entered the compartment.

Seeing Lionel, Henry was shocked, and Lionel also stopped.

A smile flickered in Henry's eyes as he said, "Mr. Lionel, I didn't expect to meet you here."

Lionel replied with a smile, "It turns out to be you, Henry."

"Do you know each other?" With a bit surprise, Amanda asked, "Who the hell are you, Henry? You're so cunning. Why did you pretend as a doctor of urology department?"

Maggie covered her mouth and screamed, "Urology department! Henry, you're a doctor in urology department. Oh no! Amanda, then why did you go to urology department?"

Amanda once told her about the story of a freak named Henry Zhao, but she omitted many parts in the story. When she heard what Maggie said, she wiped the sweat on her forehead. She said, "I have told you that I was hiding from my aunt and my sister. How could I know what department it was if I pushed the door randomly?"

"Let's sit down first." Hearing what they were talking about, Lionel just smiled, and Henry sat down to watch them fight.

"Ha, Doctor Zhao." Maggie sneered, her vicious eyes slashing at Henry relentlessly.

Henry said calmly, "What's wrong with the doctor of urology department? If you can't poop in future, you would have to

that I have to leave this afternoon. It's so nice to meet you here. Please come in."

"I'm sorry. I came with my friends. Please wait for a moment, I should tell them first." Amanda explained with smile.

Mr. Song nodded.

Amanda opened the door of the compartment and went in with Darren. Seeing that there were other people in the compartment besides Lionel, he looked a little weird. When he saw Henry, he nodded.

Maggie was surprised to see Darren. Was he here catching an affair?

Amanda smiled and said, "There are some friends in next compartment, I need to say hello to them. Enjoy yourself here."

Maggie hurriedly waved her hand and said, "You'd better go now. I happen to have some questions to ask Mr. Lionel. Come on, Mr. Lionel, let's continue. Just ignore her."

Amanda hollow laughed and then followed Darren out.

There were four people in the next compartment, and they seemed to be Japanese. They all complimented that Amanda was beautiful, but probably for the sake of Darren. When they talked about business, Amanda was drinking coffee quietly. And Darren passed her desserts and fruits from time to time. She took them and ate patiently. She smiled politely when others praised her relationship with Darren.

"It was a rush today. Please take this wedding present." Mr. Song took out a small delicate box and handed it to Amanda. Amanda took it in surprise. Darren leaned over and whispered, "Mr. Song is my friend."

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