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   Chapter 46 Dislike To Be Set Up

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"I received a call from Nancy at seven o'clock last night, telling me that the financial department did not approve it. But this report was signed by me three days ago. What does this mean? There has been a few days, and I don't know how long it will take to walk from the human resource department to the financial department. Will it take two days?" Then Amanda turned to Nancy and asked, "Nancy, after I signed the report, did you hand them over to the finance department right away?"

Nancy was stunned, "The human resource department needs to sort out a lot of documents that are required by the financial department at the end of the month. We usually file them day by day and hand them in together."

"Yeah, we can't send file one by one to financial department every day, or people would be exhausted every day."

"We are always sending once a day." The staff of the human resource department said one after another.

Amanda nodded, "So it means that I signed the report three days ago, and it was delivered to the financial department the day before yesterday. When did the financial department approve it?"

The manager of the financial department stood up and replied, "This report was in a pile of documents. We are also very busy at the end of the month. And there was an urgent pile of financial reports that needed to be filed. Because the procedures of the human resource department were few, so they have been put on the place yesterday. But it did not delay for too long. We reviewed the report yesterday morning. Some of them were not in accordance with the new financial procedures of the company, so we couldn't approve."

"How come it was not in accordance with procedure? We make the financial report always like this in our company." Nancy heard that financial department wanted to blame this to her, she said in a hurry, "Besides, didn't you say that you could approve once Mrs. Amanda signed on the report?"

The manager of the financial department said, "Yes, if Mrs. Amanda could sign on the temporary agreement, then financial department can file it to the temporary financial reports. Of course, the vice president had the right to sign."

The topic was brought back, and Nancy said in guilty, "Yes, vice president, I invited you back at that time to sign a document. After all, all this is for everyone's sake, An Group has never be

the file. She could not help but feel nervous.

Amanda smiled at Nancy and said, "Nancy, are you sure that you have this report in the original copy of the file?"

With a smile, Nancy stood up and said, "It was my fault. I'll submit the resignation."

The crowd burst into an uproar. Someone immediately stood up and said, "Nancy, please don't do that. We have worked together for so many years, and you did the wrong thing only this one time. In fact, we don't mind the bonus that much."

"Yeah, Nancy, we are all very busy during this period. It is normal that we make mistakes in our work."

Looking at Amanda, Nancy couldn't help but get a little smug. Even though Amanda was right, after all, Nancy had gotten a deep root and had wide connection in the past years. Compared to this new comer Amanda, the less popular Mrs. An, there was no way that she could force herself to death if she made a concession.

Amanda saw everyone was defending Nancy, she laughed instead, "Why are you so serious? I didn't come here to break you up. I just don't want to see myself in confusion. Since the financial report issue is solved, I won't be able to see you in the next half of a month. You should focus on your work and don't make such a mistake again."

After that, she clapped her hands and smiled, "The meeting is over, bye everyone." Then she left.

The employees looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. The once aggressive vice president Amanda just left quietly to wait for the headquarter to deal with. Hadn't she already cleared the misunderstanding?

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