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   Chapter 45 A Misunderstanding By Rose

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"It's normal for you to think like this. You are just a department manager. How can you, a small manager, guess how smart I am as a vice general manager? Otherwise, it would be you who is sitting here, not me." Amanda said.

With her eyes turning cold, Nancy said in a mocking tone, "Do you really need me to tell you how you could get that position? If you are not Mrs. An, who do you think you are? Now I just prove myself step by step with my strength. I feel that I'm proud of myself."

Amanda smiled and didn't continue the topic, "I need to see the results in half an hour. Otherwise, I will report you to the headquarter. It's not that difficult to write a report letter."

Got herself reported to the headquarter and if they remembered what she had done, it would be difficult for her to be promoted in future. Nancy saw Amanda left and said angrily, "Since you want to embarrass yourself, I'll let you know what you mean to the whole company."

"What? A meeting? Isn't she suspended. How can she hold a meeting now?"

"It's a good chance for us to have a meeting. We can ask her why we didn't give us bonuses after working hard for a month. She showed Nancy such a bad attitude and showed us no respect."

After Nancy sent out the notice, she couldn't help smiling, but still needed to pretend helpless and feeling sorry, "Thank you all for your cooperation. After all, it's vice president Cheng."

"She is going to have a meeting?" While listening to the report from Sophie, Darren was also a little surprised. Then with a darkened face, he stood up and left straight. He thought to himself, 'What a stupid woman. Doesn't she know that she should avoid showing up at this moment? How could she be so naive to set up a the meeting? If it went to more difficulties, how could she be so lucky to be saved?'

"Why are you here?" Amanda was surprised to see Darren coming in directly.

Darren said angrily, "Have you heard to what I said to you before? Why are you having a meeting? You can't do anything now."

"Well, that's what I intended to do. Even without this joint report letter, I'm going to have a meeting today." Amanda proposed.

"Amanda, don't be crazy. Many people are watching you. It's wr

the room. Amanda screamed and hit the vase on the table. The vase broke into pieces and her dress got wet. Darren stopped and looked at embarrassed Amanda. He didn't know what to do, but Amanda waved her hand and said, "I told you not to play anymore. Hurry up, go chase her. I'm fine."

Then Darren turned around and walked away. Amanda leaned against the desk and breathed a sigh of relief. She frowned and said, "Oh, what a trouble! What are you doing here?"

She looked at the time and found that the meeting was about to start.

It was so noisy in the meeting room as Amanda walked in. Everyone was whispering to one another. When they saw Amanda, they disdained her. Anyway, in their eyes, the vice president had no authority anymore and was about to be suspended and she would leave the company in low spirits.

"It's not a big deal to invite all of you here today. I have seen the notice already, and you probably know the content more clearly than I do. I'll stop talking about this topic. How to inform the company about its plans and politics should be decided by the main body notice. I'm calling you here to talk about the bonus that you didn't get yesterday." Amanda ignored their discussion and didn't intend to maintain the discipline.

But speaking of the money, they became energetic. Someone said, "Our bonus has not been given out yet, and this has never happened in the company. Everyone was working overtime yesterday. Where were you then, Mrs. Amanda?"

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