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   Chapter 43 The Appearance Of Ghosts

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When Darren was reading a book in his study, Nola knocked on the door and told him that there was something he needed to sign for. He frowned slightly and went downstairs, only to find that it was clothes. Darren said unhappily, "They are not mine." His stuff was always sent by Sophie personally.

When the manager, who came to deliver the clothes, saw Mr. Darren, who could only be seen in video meetings, he was so excited that the palms of his hands were sweating. He quickly said, "Mrs. An ordered these in our shop. She wanted you to sign for it."

Darren looked at the bill, picked up the clothes and left.

"Excuse me." The manager called Darren. Darren stopped and asked, "What's up?"

The manager said, "Mrs. An left you a short note for you." Then he took it out carefully.

What was she up to? Darren opened the note and found it was scrawled, 'Darren, how many clothes of mine did you tear up? Now you can compensate me." He noticed the complicated handwriting on the paper, and he could tell how Amanda felt when she was writing. He clenched the note tightly and said to the manager, "Send the bill to my secretary. She'll sign it later."

The manager nodded as a reply. He was pleased that the shop could be connected. Suddenly, something occurred to Darren as he entered the room. He turned around and said, "If she buys other clothes next time, just sent the bill here, but not the clothes. Ask her to take the clothes with her." She neither want to pay nor to carry, how could it be so easy? Since he bought the clothes, he would tear it up without hesitation.

When Darren went upstairs with the clothes, Nola was mopping the floor. She saw it and asked with a smile, "Why are there so many things?"

"She bought clothes." said Darren.

Nola smiled and said, "It's time for her to buy some clothes."

"Do you also think she looks ugly in her daily clothes?" Darren suddenly opened his mouth. Without waiting for Nola's answer, he mumbled to himself, "She's already ugly. I don't know if she has a better taste now." Then he opened the door of Amanda's room.

The only thing in his mind was the day wh

ice water. When she opened the curtain with a book half read, she was shocked to see Darren lying on the bay window.

"Ah." Frightened by the sudden presence of the man, Amanda tried to keep her composure and said crossly, "What are you doing here?"

"This is my home. Isn't it normal for me to be here?" Darren raised his head and said.

Amanda leaned against the window and explained, "That's different. The whole company is yours. You seldom go to the ladies' room."

"You are such a smooth talker, Mrs. Amanda." With a smile on his lips, Darren stared at her.

Amanda frowned, "What's wrong with you hiding in other's room and eavesdropping? Besides, I'm not afraid if you hear me. Anyway, it was what I should say."

"Why are you so agitated? I don't care about that." Darren leaned against her cushion and continued to take a nap.

"I'm afraid that you will get agitated. After all, she is your lover's good friend. If you have a tender heart for women, it is difficult for me to deal with them." Then Amanda put the cup on the table. Suddenly, he stretched out his hands and held her waist. Then, he pushed her to the bed.

"Darren, what's wrong with you, again?" Amanda shouted in anger under him.

"What's wrong with me? Didn't you say that you were worried that I would care for others? Don't worry. Today, I won't care about anyone else except you. Happy?" Darren caressed her face and smiled.

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