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   Chapter 42 Can't You Afford It

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Hearing her words, Maggie remembered that this cold and graceful girl was exactly Amanda's uncle's daughter, Susie.

Amanda looked at Susie and said with a smile, "I just don't dare to bother you since you are with your friend just now. But you have been with these friends for such a long time and it's time for you to find others in a class more suitable for you."

Hearing her words, Susie couldn't keep her countenance. She snapped, "You are too self-righteous, Amanda. I am your elder sister, but you are so rude to my friend. It's just a dress. How cold-blooded you are!"

"Oh my god! This lady is so cold-blooded to scold her own sister for a dress and a friend. It is said that family shall mutual help. It's okay that you are holding a pile of shit, but you also force others to flatter it. Don't you think that's too much?" Seeing Susie getting angry, Maggie came to her senses and said with arms akimbo.

Susie snorted, "Aren't you Maggie Ning from Ning family? Even though Ning family are all politicians, you have no right to interfere in the affairs between me and my sister."

"It's not up to you whether she can interfere or not. Sister, Maggie is my good friend, and it's obvious for her to speak for me. I'm grateful because I know she's doing it for my own good." Amanda said. Maggie's eyes were full of smile.

Susie stepped forward and said, "Do you think you can rest assured since you have been married to An family? Amanda, don't forget that Sheryl is still alive."

"Don't worry about me and Sheryl." With what Lionel said, there was no doubt that Susie could hurt Sheryl again. Amanda didn't take the threat of Susie's words seriously, "Maggie, let's pay the bill. I'll treat for you today."

"Okay. It's a lucky day today. I have got desserts and new clothes, and I didn't expect to hear such a funny joke." Maggie laughed out loud. Susie and other girls stood there with pale faces.

"I'm sorry, miss. Your card is frozen and cannot be used." When Amanda took out her card, the cashier smiled and asked, "Do you have any other cards?"

"How come?" Amanda had a private coffer herself, but she couldn't afford once it was frozen.


An." The manager was a little embarrassed. He was such a loser that he didn't expect the ordinary looking woman in front of him to be the wife of An Group. He kept smiling and said, "If you are Mrs. An, there's no need to bother about it. We'll bring them to your house. What else do you like? You can pick it."

"You don't need me to provide consumption records and fixed assets, do you?" Maggie asked with a smile.

Amanda ask her to stop making fun of the manager. He was polite enough. She smiled at the manager and said, "Well, in this case, I'll go to pick some other items. Please send them to An family together. Later, I'll write down the address and ask Darren to sign for them."

Darren, the young master of An Group, was asked to sign so casually. The manager thought that this order would make a big deal. It was a right decision that he came back.

"Maggie, you can pick whatever you like. It's not easy for us to be generous for one time. Take the advantage." Then Amanda gave a high-five to Maggie and continued to select clothes.

"She is the wife of An Group. Right, your sister is Mr. Darren's wife." All the girls with Susie took a breath. The manager followed Amanda everywhere. Susie was not in the mood to choose clothes anymore, so she directly left. Those girls looked at Amanda over and over again, jealous and hateful.

"Hahaha, what a slap in the face!" Waiting for them to leave, Maggie covered her belly and laughed.

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