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   Chapter 41 An Encounter In A Clothing Shop

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7407

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Maggie was done laughing and said, "It was not that simple." She spoke in detail to Amanda about what had just happened. Because the place where she sat was far away and there was a sound isolation. The part that Amanda didn't hear clearly was replayed by Maggie, she immediately covered her mouth and laughed out loud.

It turned out that Henry was worried that he couldn't get rid of her, so he said with grief on his face. At the beginning, he was in a trance and just didn't know what had happened. Because he was secretly in love with someone but didn't dare to say anything. Until he was forced to marry by his family, he thought he had to work hard, and then he succeeded in expressing his love. He thanked the blind date for making him realize his true love.

However, the lady got angry. Maggie also added, "You're a good girl, but unfortunately we're in love."

The lady picked up the cup and poured it at Maggie. Maggie had prepared for this, she grabbed Henry's collar and pulled him in front of her. Henry was about to stay out of this, however, he bumped into a cup of coffee.

Maggie sneered, "Doctor Zhao is so cunning. I knew he was unreliable and wanted me to be the target, but I wouldn't be so easily cheated. He was the one finally been trapped."

"I know. You are the best. Let's go." It was late, so Amanda suggested.

Maggie nodded, and ordered some more snacks. She put the bill on the account of Henry. They left happily. When Henry came back, he only saw the empty seat. He wanted to cry but had no tears. He did not expect that Maggie reacted so quickly that he was embarrassed and cursed. He would rather deal with it alone.

"This little girl." Henry shook his head reluctantly, "Birds of a feather flock together."

"I don't need to buy clothes." Seeing that Maggie went into a clothing shop by the roadside, Amanda said helplessly.

Maggie said sullenly, "You are dressing like a little girl who is much younger than others. As a lady, you should prepare a few beautiful clothes."

Amanda looked at herself in the mirror and mumbled, "I looked pure and cute."

"The clothes here are quite good." Maggie went out with some new arrivals. She just said that Amanda

Maggie was satisfied with what Amanda said. It seemed that Amanda had not changed her spots of being sarcasm. This way, she would not be bullied by those people who was senseless.

"How rampant you are! How can you afford these?" The girl sneered. She looked at Amanda, who was in faded jeans without any make-up, and thought that she was just a poor student, and came here just to broaden her horizon.

Maggie covered her mouth and laughed.

"What are you laughing at? Am I wrong? Wearing this dress for a schoolmate reunion or for a graduation party, little girl?" The girl saw Amanda lowering her head, then flashed a cunning smile.

Susie of course had noticed what was happening here. She was willing to stand by and watch as her friend teased Amanda.

"Maggie, how many pieces have you chosen?" Amanda asked.

Maggie looked at the clothes she had chosen and said, "Five sets. I just got my pocket money."

Five sets! That's not a small number! The girl looked at Maggie up and down, and found that the pastry box in her hand was from the private club. As Maggie carried it so casually that she did not notice that. She guessed that Maggie must be from a rich family, but she came here with the miss from Cheng family. She would not lose face in front of so many people.

Looking at the eyes of her friends, Susie walked to them and said, "I haven't seen you only for a few days, Amanda. How could you be so impolite when you see your elder sister?"

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