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   Chapter 40 Ask Someone To Help

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7729

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Maggie looked at the cakes in front of her and pouted. She raised her voice intentionally and said, "Amanda, thank you for the autograph last time. Thank you so much."

She took out her phone and wrote something and sent it. As soon as she finished writing, Amanda found a new message, couldn't help laughing and read, "No problem at all. Isn't it just a stack of autographs? We have a lot of stars and we can easily get anyone's as we want. She was just a little star, don't worry."

Hearing that, Rose's face turned green. She had signed a lot of photos last time, and she didn't know what Amanda was going to do. It turned out that she got them for her friends as a favor. However, when Amanda tricked her with suspicions at that time, she didn't have time to react, so she had to sign a lot and now was taunted.

"You are so childish to ask for autographs! You are so of low class!" As Nancy was closer, she heard them clearly. She sneered and looked up. She was surprised to see the pale look on Rose's face and asked, "What's wrong with you, Rose?"

Rose said nothing with a dark face, and the annoying conversation at the next table continued.

"What's wrong with my kids at school? I asked the autographs for them, but they didn't admit it. They said I was deceiving them. Why were there so many autographs with different handwriting?" Maggie said. "I told them, did you think a big star will have that much time? Her hand must be shaking after signing dozens of photos. At least it was better than a baby-style handwriting. Besides, she was an actress, not a calligrapher. Why did you care it looked good or not?"

Amanda couldn't help laughing, 'Maggie performed a full play!' She covered her mouth and was afraid to laugh out loud. Maggie pretend to be sometimes sad and sometimes passionate.

"Well, the coffee is getting cold. Have a rest." Amanda didn't know how angry the people next table were, she pushed the cup.

Out of the corner of her eye, Maggie saw that the two people couldn't sit anymore, so they turned and went downstairs. Maggie breathed a sigh of relief and took the coffee without caring about her image. She was too excited in the middle and forgot to add sugar in the coffee, which made her bared her teeth bitterly.

"I thought you wanted an autograph again when

gie felt excited.

Amanda shook her head with a smile and sat back. Maggie sat next to Henry and listened to what information he just got.

"If she throws coffee on me, don't forget to block in front of me." Maggie said.

Said Henry carelessly. If the hot coffee was poured out, he was not that stupid to block it.

Amanda saw someone going upstairs, she coughed and the conversation next table stopped immediately.

The woman going upstairs wore a white floral dress decorated with white fur, with a piece of jade on her chest. There was platinum around the edge of the jade and it looked so shining. With white skin and plump breasts, she looked quite aggressively. She looked around, walked over and sat next to him.

Amanda pretended to read her magazine and listened carefully.

Before talking much, someone raised her voice and said, "Do you mean that the appointment made by parents doesn't count? If you have someone you like, why didn't you tell me? Do you think it's funny? I turned down a ten million case to meet you here but was told it was just a joke."

"Clap." The cup was smashed onto the glass table, and the woman stormed off angrily.

Amanda rushed over and found that Henry's face was full of coffee. Holding her laughter, Maggie grabbed a tissue and started to clean the coffee on him.

Henry gave Maggie a stern look before he went to the toilet.

Seeing him leave, Maggie grinned from ear to ear.

Amanda pinched her and said, "It was just splashing with coffee. Why are you so excited?"

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