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   Chapter 39 Meeting In The Club

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The meeting room was silent. Everyone looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

"Nancy, why did this happen?" Amanda asked her directly with her chin up.

Nancy stood up and glanced at Nicholas. Nicholas was talking to assistant in a low voice and didn't pay much attention to her. After calming down, she said, "Mrs. Amanda, it's a surprise that things go like this. We have met our obligation to keep everyone informed. There might be some special occasion that we can't get in touch with others, but we of course pass notice on mutually with each other once back to company, thus we won't be slack off in work. The schedule of this meeting is too hasty. Generally, the meeting is informed a day in advance. Then everyone can be well prepared. "

"Well prepared? According to what you just said, everyone should be well prepared before a war, including bullet proof clothing and firecrackers, until then we go to the battle. Countless companies around you are heading ahead nonstop and desperately. But you make a sluggish stop here and keep saying well-prepared. What does a company want? It wants efficiency, not getting ready." Amanda mocked at Nancy with the same words that she had been accused by the manager of her internship abroad.

After the criticism, Amanda said flatly, "I know you're tired, but don't feel that your hard work is an honor and deserves to be supported. You should work hard while you get a good result. Obviously, I wish you all well. From now on, notice from human resource department shall be received three times by everyone. You shall establish a channel. Moreover, I hope that you don't just simply send out notices, but shall record the attendance rate every time. No matter how capable the employee is, you should ask him to leave if his attendance rate is low. Only then the company is doing well. That's it. You can dismiss now."

Everyone didn't expect that the meeting would end so easily. They all breathed a sigh of relief. When they stood up and were about to leave, Nicholas grabbed the table and coughed. All of a sudden, everyone went back to their seats.

Amanda looked at Nicholas. She just wanted to invite him to come here on a whim. She didn't expect that Mr. Nicholas saved her face. But she had

l batwing-sleeved blouse was holding another one's arm, walking up to the second floor. It was a private club and ordinary people were not allowed to come in. It was unexpected that Amanda was here too. But she was so uneducated. It was humiliated to make a noise here.

It was a rare opportunity for Amanda to have a spare afternoon tea with Maggie. This club was recommended by Lionel, so she took Lionel's gold card without hesitation. To her surprise, when she walked in, she saw Rose and Nancy having afternoon tea here too. She stopped and caught a glimpse of them. They continued to chat and laugh.

As a matter of fact, Amanda wasn't planning to say hello to them at all. But she was still in a bad mood when she saw them. She pointed to the seats next to Rose and Nancy and took a seat. Although they were separated by the folding screen with carved wood, they couldn't talk so freely because of the silence.

"Wow, the coffee here is so expensive. A cup of coffee is worth me a month's salary. Fortunately, it's a treat from you, or I will die." Maggie sat down, looked at the menu and sighed.

Amanda giggled, "Hey, don't act so pitiful as if I mistreated you."

Maggie glanced at the figure behind the screen and grinned wickedly. Amanda was totally confused.

"Would you like another green tea cheesecake?" Rose asked Nancy slowly.

Nancy smile, "No, thank you. I like latte here very much. Having too much dessert will spoil the coffee."

Hearing that, Rose smiled, "That's true."

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