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   Chapter 38 Formation Of Great Buddha

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Nicholas said something and left.

After seeing Nicholas off, Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. And then Darren said sarcastically, "Mr. Nicholas was just trying to save your face. Don't take it seriously."

She tilted her head to one side and looked at Darren with a smile. "Only a few people can make Mr. Nicholas speak. That's what a genius means."

"What capability do you have? What Nicholas thinks is only your title." That's pretty funny. How could those naive words really deceive the two shrewd senior leaders of the company? What a crazy old man! Can anyone work in a company? Darren felt very upset when thinking that he would take such a company to compete with him for the investment in headquarter.

The way Darren talked upset her. She had put herself in this awkward situation for the moment, and she wanted to show off in front of so many people to catch people's eyes. She did know that, but she didn't get any notification at all.

She snorted and turned around to leave. On her way back to her office, Amanda was wondering why she hadn't received any news. It was obvious that someone had put a bone in the pie for her, but she couldn't come to find her overtly, as if she was in a hurry to pass the buck.

At this moment, Nancy knocked on the door and came in. Then she put the files on the table and said, "Please have a look at this new report. "

Amanda took it out and took a look at it. Then he signed her name on it. Seeing that Nancy turned around and was about to leave, she called her, "Nancy, who is generally responsible for the notification of our company?"

"There is no need for you to be responsible. No one is in charge of these things. The personnel department is generally responsible for notifying things, of course, can also be informed directly by the senior level." Nancy answered with a sneer as she waited for the embarrassed meeting. I can shirk the responsibility. I don't think you can get away with it.

Amanda nodded her head and asked, "Are you also responsible for it?"

"Yes, I did. I'm not the only one who is in charge of this," said Nancy

"Okay. Inform them that the personnel department will have a meeting in half an hour. You preside over it and I will sit here. " Then she turned serious and said.

Nancy was stu

t that she would bring Mr. Nicholas here. This time it had become a hot topic and the gossip of the human resources department was coming.

Nancy was also very surprised. She didn't know how to invite Mr. Nicholas. 'Nicholas didn't care about anything. For many times, he didn't attend the meetings when Mr. Darren attended the meetings. Mr. Nicholas was a sophistication in the business field and had never seen any method.' She was panic in her heart, but she appeared very calm.

"Because I didn't receive the notice in advance for the morning meeting, so I was not ready for the speech. When I went back, I was wondering why I didn't receive any news. It's just a period meeting. If there was any negotiation about the cooperation, I didn't receive any news either. It will be a great loss to both me and the company. So I don't think such ignorance should be there." She propped her hands on the table and said casually.

"I thought it was just an accident that I didn't get the news, so I notified the meeting for the time being. There are fifty-one employees in the personnel department, and sixteen of them came here. Among the remaining thirty-five people ten of them can't contact them, three of them are on vacation, seven of them said they are returning, and eleven of them are negotiating with the partners. The other four said they didn't know and didn't get the news." She suddenly struck the table, which freaked everyone out. She lowered her voice and said, "I don't know. Who can give me an answer like this?"

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