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   Chapter 37 Don't Be Scared! Just Do It!

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But no matter how much he cared for Amanda, she was tired now. Thinking of what had happened in the hospital, She gripped the pillow tightly subconsciously. She couldn't let anything happen to Sheryl.

She didn't know if it was because of the stimulation of the hospital or because of what Darren said to her, which made her feel depressed. Amanda dreamed that she was running away from home all night. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't cry out. She could only be afraid in her dream. When Amanda woke up, she found that she was in a bad mood and was down in spirit.

Darren went out early in the morning but didn't have breakfast. She was happy to enjoy it. She grabbed pieces of bread and soaked them in milk. Nola was amused by her childish behavior, so did Amanda. She giggled like a fool as well, and then went to the company.

When she entered the company, she felt that the atmosphere was different. Everyone was in a hurry, and there was no whispering. No one was in the elevator. When she arrived at the office, Sophie was standing there with a serious look. Seeing her come in, she said hurriedly, "Mrs. Amanda, the morning meeting of the company is about to begin. Mr. Nicholas asked me to invite you over immediately."

"Morning meeting? What morning meeting?" Amanda was baffled.

Sophie said, "Yesterday afternoon, an announcement was made. Mr. Nicholas is going to inspect the company. The morning meeting is from 8:00 to 9:00. Everyone needs to sum up last month and make a plan for the next month. Haven't you received the notice?"

Amanda shook her head, "I haven't received any notice."

"We don't have much time now. Please go there quickly." Sophie said with a frown.

Then Amanda ran to the meeting room. She pushed the door open and went in. The speech was stopped. There was an unpleasant look on Darren's face when he saw her coming in. But he continued to speak. After all the people here had seen her, they continued to look at the projector. Mr. Nicholas was sitting on the seat of Darren, and others' seats were adjusted accordingly. In the full view of the public, Amanda had no choice but to sit at deputy general manager's seat and it was the opposite seat of Nicholas, that made her feel even more stressful facing him.

emotional. You don't want me to mess it up every time, do you?"

Darren didn't reply. Amanda shrugged and followed him into the CEO office.

Nicholas sat leisurely in the position of Darren. When he saw them coming in, he said directly, "There are problems with the direction you planned. The company can only support you with 5% of its support at most, among which, 1% is for my sake. If it goes on like this, what are you going to fight with?"

Darren furrowed his brows and said, "The team has been preparing for this case for half a month. It's about to start next month. We don't want to lose more if we give it up now."

Nicholas laughed, "It's up to you. But I didn't expect that Amanda were so brilliant today."

Amanda smiled, feeling embarrassed, "Grandpa, don't laugh at me. I didn't prepare anything."

"Not to mention the content, it's enough to have this understanding and momentum. I don't want to listen to the lesson or the rigid report. In fact, it's just a simple exchange meeting all the time. I never think that the company has a sense of inferiority. It's a team, an integral whole, and each of you need to cooperate. Darren is serious because of the stereotype. His company is stiff, and it's like Sparta's army, no human feelings." Nicholas shook his head.

Was he serious? Was he stereotyped? He was a stone hearted bastard and a psychopath who always took advantage of her. Nicholas, you couldn't be so partial to him just because he was your grandson. It drove Amanda crazy.

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