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   Chapter 36 Be Back Sooner Or Later

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7190

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It was already half past nine when Amanda got home. Nola asked in a worry, "What took you so long? The meal has been heated up several times."

"I'm sorry, Nola. I went out for dinner. I forgot to call you." Amanda apologized.

"It's good that you are not hungry. But Mr. Darren is a little unhappy. You'd better tell him." Nola said with a smile.

"What made him unhappy? He should be happy if I didn't come back for dinner." Amanda didn't take Nola's words seriously.

Nola said, "Mr. Darren had been waiting for you for an hour, but you didn't come back, so he had dinner by himself."

Amanda was a little surprise, "Why did he have to wait for one hour? Why didn't call me?"

Nola spread out her hands and said, "I don't know, either. Mr. Darren's personality is just different from others."

Amanda nodded her head. Although she didn't ask Darren to wait for her one hour without any intention, he was still waiting for her. She needed to thank him for Nancy's issue anyway. She went to Darren's room, knocked on the door and shouted, "Darren."

There was no response inside, and it was estimated that the man was probably angry again. Nola was telling the truth. Darren was odd and insisted on going against ordinary people. When the door was opened successfully, Amanda walked in directly and closed the door. However, the light was on in the room, and the silver gray pillow on the big bed was a little behind, with a mark on the quilt. It seemed that someone had left not long, and the laptop on the desk was still on, but he was not there.

There was no one else on the way upstairs. Amanda looked around and found five or six plane models that looked very delicate. So she got curious and went to see them. These models were very lifelike. She had played with her friends abroad before. There were also several limited editions.

"What are you doing?" A man's cold voice came from behind, which frightened Amanda. She screamed and fell backwards. She stumbled and fell to the ground with one hand holding her waist.

As soon as Amanda saw that Darren was wrapped in a bath towel, she immediately jumped away from Darre

e was in a good mood and bought them a car or a shop.

Amanda's hand that was holding the doorknob of the office paused for a second. She then said coldly, "I don't dare to love playboys like you. I want to live a few more years."

After she returned to the bedroom, Amanda heaved a sigh of relief. She thumped the door angrily. The damn marriage! If it hadn't been for this marriage, she wouldn't have been entangled with Darren, and she would have been brave enough to pursue and accept others. However, she couldn't do anything in this marriage, and she had to face such a bastard as Darren.

However, she could feel a hint of loneliness from his words. Amanda shook her head immediately. She must be crazy. How could such a cold-blooded man have loneliness. She couldn't help but recall how he behaved like a child when he was drunk. Although later, the result was very miserable. And also recalled that he kicked Charles and took her to the hospital.

Amanda patted her face and warned herself, "Amanda, don't be fooled by what he did from time to time. He has a mistress named Rose, and he allowed Rose to bully you and allowed you being bullied by the company. Did you forget? Such a man deserves a woman like Rose. You'd better stay away from him."

Strange to say, now that he had rejected the cooperation with Cheng family, but Cheng family didn't call Amanda. Did they finally find that she was nothing for Darren?

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