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   Chapter 35 No Acceptance

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7651

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She didn't know where they were going. Road lamps were all around them; cars were whistling; she couldn't find a direction. However, she ran after him without hesitation, as if she was chasing a crazy dream.

At the sight of the bright light, Amanda got tears in her eyes and slowed down.

"Don't you want to see Sheryl?" Lionel turned back, his eyes were filled with tenderness.

Amanda didn't go into the ward. She said, "I don't have the face to see Sheryl now. I don't know what to say to him? He doesn't want to hear the infighting and I don't want to tell him either."

"Do you think this is not suitable for him to hear?"

Amanda nodded with a guilty look in her eyes, "Sheryl is just a kid."

Lionel nodded and they sat by the lake for a while.

"I'm really a bad sister. I can't even protect my brother." As Amanda spoke, a gust of wind came, blowing away the dust on her memory that had sealed up her heart, "At that time, I didn't know anything. Suddenly, someone told me that my parents died and my younger brother almost died. As long as I signed the agreement, my younger brother could come to life. Then I signed it directly. Later I learned that it was a guardian confirmation letter and stock share transfer agreement. My father's personal lawyer, Lawyer Sun, had already been in collusion with my uncle, who forced me using Sheryl as excuse to leave here and live abroad. I have been away for ten years."

Lionel said, "Haven't you come back in the past ten years?"

"No, they didn't allow me to come back. There was an assistant looking after me there. My ID card and passport were controlled by someone else so I could only stay there. The only thing that could comfort me was that they took a video of Sheryl on his birthday every year and told me that Sheryl was fine. They told me not to worry about him." Tears welled up again when Amanda thought of the old days. She couldn't continue. She bowed her head and sobbed. What she saw was all fake. Last time at Cheng family, Susie made it clear that because she was not in, they could bully Sheryl as they wanted to vent their anger.

What did Sheryl suffer when she was out of sight?

He reached out and held Amanda in her arms. As Amanda rested her head on a warm and strong chest, the sadness

s shares here and was the biggest shareholder. She knew that Lionel had a good family background. Otherwise, he would have made a concession to Darren. But what she didn't expect was that Gu family even dealt with medical treatment. Such a huge gap between the two families made Amanda feel worse.

Mr. Lionel was such a nice person. He deserved a better girlfriend. No matter who she was, it shouldn't be her. She is worse than any other girls, because she is still unable to decide for herself up to now. Amanda, woke up, please.

"Thank you." Amanda smiled, "I'm glad to hear that. It's getting late, Kevin is still waiting for me outside the restaurant. I should go home now."

Lionel frowned slightly. He sensed the alienation in her words, but he calmly said, "I'll take you back."

They came back to the restaurant after going through the alley. Amanda said goodbye to him and smiled. She left the restaurant. Lionel held a glass of wine and drank it slowly. Then he took out his mobile phone and made a call, "Father, a patient jumped off a building today. We notified the daily newspaper. The medical problem is under control. Uncle will deal with it."

After hanging up the phone, he sat down and took a sip of the wine quietly. The sweetness and mellow of the wine were not as good as ones at his cellar, but he felt very comfortable. Probably because it was someone else who paid for it. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind, and Lionel drank it all in one gulp with a ferocious look flashed across his eyes.

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