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   Chapter 33 Intransigence

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"Do you think I'm messing with you?" "It's you who have been arguing with me from the beginning. You are just making trouble out of nothing." Darren said, noticing that she had calmed down.

"Falsely accused with eloquence." Amanda murmured. Seeing Darren's long face, she pulled out her hand to straighten her clothes and said, "Those who don't know us might think Mr. Darren wants to have sex with me."

"The one who knows would probably think that way too." Said Darren.

Amanda was on guard, "I'm telling you, don't do anything stupid. I'll hit people." she added.

"Idiot." He chuckled and then loosened his hand, "Go back quickly and solve it properly. Don't think I will let you go easily."

"It sounds like a threat. I'm telling you, if you are here to pick Nancy's side, you can just say it. Out of this door, I won't listen to you anymore." Amanda rubbed her wrist and thought, 'What a bad luck! I was kissed by him, hit my head and hurt my wrist.'

Moreover, how would people think of her after the drama. Amanda didn't want anyone else to blame her anymore. She had to leave now.

Darren said, "Do you know what you did wrong?"

"Yes." Amanda answered. And she thought in her heart, 'I should have known that I can't communicate with this crazy boss. I should have left the lounge once entered in. Now I have wasted so much time with him.'

"Oh, what was your fault then?" Darren continued asking.

Amanda blinked her eyes. She realized she was being exposed. Noticing the displeasure on Darren's face, she pouted, "Didn't you do anything wrong? Even if I was wrong, it was because I was only trying to be reasonable with you."

It was a new concept.

With a serious look on her face, Amanda counted with her ten fingers.

"First of all, you and Rose were secretly photographed being together, so I helped you to salvage your reputation. You owed me a favor and you should thank me. However, you didn't thank me at all. Instead, you said that I was just making every effort to get the reward, in order to turn it into a win-win result."

She didn't know how to deal with the media, so she was pushed to the front of the media with the identity of Mrs. An.

ly do the second one." Amanda said coldly, "Don't mention about too much trouble for it. It's much easier for you to walk there than joking here."

"You!" A fierce light flashed through Nancy eyes. She said coldly, "It doesn't matter that you have troubled me twice today. The whole staff are watching it. If Mrs. Amanda wants to warning others by punishing me but failed in the end, it will be a terrible result."

"I'm not interested in punishing you." Amanda proposed.

Then Nancy walked away in her high heels.

"So, Mrs. Amanda is still unwilling to sign it?" Seeing that Nancy was going to the CEO office again, the other department asked with sympathy.

Nancy put away her anger, smiled helplessly, "I have no choice. Mrs. Amanda said she didn't understand the report and refused to sign it. Since the financial report can't be approved, all of your bonus for last month couldn't be calculated. I have to leave this old face and go to see Mr. Darren again."

"That's too over. How can you be the vice president of the company if you don't understand the financial report?" Someone said in an aggrieved tone.

"She got this position by relationship."

"Even if she has a relationship, she can't treat you like this. We don't rely on connections. We should work hard as we take the positions."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. Or it will be too late." Nancy passed over in a hurry with people around her watching her sympathetically.

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