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   Chapter 32 Entanglement In The Lounge

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6581

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Ignoring him, as a vice president, Amanda didn't sign the report. Instead, the small department manager directly asked the president to sign the report. After signing the report, she had to come over and be scolded by him. Why did they expect her to bear it?

But Amanda's arm was grabbed by Darren, and she was forced to turn around. She stepped on his foot angrily, which enraged him, "Don't you dare be angry with me?" he shouted. He grabbed her hand and dragged Amanda to the lounge. Holding her hand, he said angrily, "Do you have any self-awareness? It's you who have been bossy to take revenge in the company."

"As you know, I have a personal feud with Nancy. But you just listen to what she says, and then come to scold me, are you brainless?" Amanda was annoyed as her hands were grasped by Darren.

"I'm not scolding you." It was just a question. How could she be so angry and therefore criticize others.

"But your words can beat a dog to death?" Amanda said, "Let go of me now. She can ask you to sign directly. You can do whatever you want to step on me."

"You should fight for your own dignity. If you love it, then nobody can step on it." Said Darren.

"You're right. I'm fighting for myself right now. Darren, you bastard, let go of me!" Amanda started to struggle again. Darren didn't have enough strength to control Amanda anymore, and let go of his hand once saw her anger. He sat aside and said, "Then what's the matter with you? Why didn't you give Nancy the signature for financial report? I've checked the report and got no questions."

"You have already approved it. Why do you still ask me?" Amanda said lazily, "If you like, you can ask her to come to you. Anyway, Nancy has a nice figure."

Suddenly, someone grabbed her waist and scratched her waist. Startled by his sudden move, Amanda jumped to her feet immediately. She looked at Darren and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Let me see how tolerant you are. You are


Hearing this, Darren froze for an instant. She slapped his hand off. Did she hate his touch so much?

With a grim face, he grabbed Amanda's hand, and was about to drag her out.

"Let me go, you bastard." Suddenly, Amanda felt something cold on her back and it turned out that she hit the cold glass door with a loud bang.

Outside the door, Nancy was looking at them. She asked carefully, "Mr. Darren?"

"Fuck off." The man's growl came out, making Nancy shudder with fear. She quickly took the documents and left.

"What's wrong? Why do you look so terrible?" Sophie, who was standing at the door and looking at the expressionless Nancy, asked in surprise.

"Mr. Darren is in a bad mood. You'd better not disturb him." said Nancy calmly.

Sophie nodded. When Nancy left, she frowned, 'Mr. Darren is here, so is Mrs. Amanda. Are they having a fight again?' she thought. She shook her head when she recalled how she had helped Mr. Darren to take care of Amanda last time. She guessed the same thing happened again. Amanda had a real talent to irritate Mr. Darren so many times.

"Darren, let's stop it. I'm really tired." Amanda was on the verge of tears.

It was really tiring to keep fighting all the time in the company. She just wanted to live her simple life. Was it that difficult?

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