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   Chapter 31 The Condescending Vice President

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Amanda pushed the door of the meeting room open. The meeting room was in a mess, and no one stopped or changed their attitude because of her coming in. She glanced around and found that Darren wasn't there. No wonder that no one would listen to her, since even the president didn't want to attend her meeting.

Some of the management just came back from a business trip. They hadn't met Amanda before. They thought she was just an assistant and didn't care about her appearance, when seeing the girl dress up casually.

Nancy saw Amanda immediately, but she didn't keep her voice low. She continued discussing skin care with the planning department next to her.

When Amanda walked into the room, she glanced around the people she didn't know. The people in the meeting which Darren and her earlier attended yesterday were all working with Darren. She found an empty seat and sat down. The female colleague next to her said in high spirits, "I haven't been back to the company for a long time. How is this new Mrs. An?"

"What else can she be? She must be a worthless person. She just came here through An family's relationship." Someone cut in.

Amanda thought, they must haven't had the chance to read yesterday's gossip report yet. But yesterday, she was just like a madwoman offstage. For beauty's sake, the magazines might have blurred angles when they put her photo onto the page. As for her picture on charity sale last time, she looked totally different from her usual self, and the normal people couldn't recognize her.

She stretched herself with a yawn and then lay on the table, starting to play games.

The meeting was supposed to be held from 8 to 9 o'clock, so that everyone could get familiar with the newly appointed vice president. However, no one came until 8:30, which made the people waiting impatiently. Everyone was so busy with their time, so they thought the vice president was too unreliable.

"Does anyone have the vice president's phone number? Contact her. I have a pile of cases at hand." Someone said anxiously.

Nancy looked at Amanda surprisingly. All the people surround her were wondering who the vice president was. She was playing mobile games calmly and even dozed off. Was she knew that she couldn't handle the meeting and just wanted to get through this. Nancy cou

s to make things difficult for me, I won't make things difficult for them." she added.

Lionel giggled, and his voice was low, just like the ripples of the water in a quiet ancient well. Amanda asked unconsciously, "How are you doing there? I hope no one would give you hard time."

"Come on. I'm the CEO. If anyone dares to make trouble for me, I will make trouble for them." Lionel mimicked her voice, saying.

Amanda was amused. When she was about to say something, someone knocked at the door. Lionel heard that too, then said, "I just wanted to know how you doing with taking over the case. Since you are fine, please go ahead with your work. I have something else to do."

After hanging up the phone, Sophie opened the door and said, "Mr. Darren asked you over."

"I have some work to do, so I don't have time now. I'll go there in half an hour." She knew that Darren was going to make trouble for her again. But Amanda wasn't an obedient lady. If he told her to go, would she have to go? She was not a primary school student who needed to be taught a lesson.

Amanda didn't leave until she finished one episode of TV show.

"What's wrong with this report? Why didn't you sign it?" Darren looked at her coldly and put on a grim expression.

Amanda picked up the report, which was the one that Nancy handed over to her. She turned to the last page and saw Darren's name on it. Her face changed, "Mr. Darren, you have already signed it. Why do you come to me again?"

She put the report on the desk and turned around to leave.

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