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   Chapter 30 A Slight Feeling

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"Then under what condition she fainted?" The doctor also became impatient. He hated this kind of man who was domestic violent and spoke eloquently at the same time.

Darren had never been treated like this. In fact, he was always the one being chased after. Annoyed, he stood up and was about to leave. There was no need for him to stay, instead, he could call an assistant. But he took a look at Amanda, who was still on the bed, and sat down again. "We had a fight." he said in a muffled voice.

"Oh, fight? Why did you quarrel with each other? How bad was it? Any violence involved?" The doctor asked seriously.

Darren glanced at him and asked, "Does this matter?"

"It's very important to know the cause of the disease." The doctor said in a serious tone.

When Sophie received the call from Darren, she hurried to the hospital. When she got there, she saw Mr. Darren's pale face and his forehead was bandaged. She asked, "Mr. Darren, what happened?"

"You take care of it." Darren turned around and was about to leave.

"Who are you? Are you that man's secretary?" The doctor said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

A secretary? Sophie slightly frowned, but showed a standard professional smile, "Hello."

"Well done on your plastic surgery!" The doctor said.

"Thank you." Sophie said, forcing a smile.

"What? Why am I in the hospital again?" Amanda didn't know how long she had been sleeping. When she opened her eyes, she smelled the disinfectant. She had just been back from England for a few days, but had visited the hospital for several times. She was meant to be related to the hospital.

"Mrs. Amanda, you finally wake up. How are you feeling?" Sophie worked hard to get rid of the woman who thought that she was the mistress of a boss. Now she was relieved to see that Amanda had woken up. To be honest, she could deal with company disputes. And employees strike was much easier than dealing with the middle-aged woman who hated the third wheel so much. She didn't want to recall the whole process. No wonder Mr. Darren looked so angry.

"Remember to take a good rest back home, and keep your wit. If you can't handle it well, you should practice Kong Fu or similar." The doctor's instructions still echoed in Amanda's head. The doctor's words were so strange that she was at a loss what to do. All the doctors back in the country were quite strange.

After sending Amanda back to An family, Sophie left. It was so kind of Sophie to come out late at night. "Thank you so much." Amanda said to her with a smile.

Sophie was stunned by her words. Then she said with a smile, "Mrs. Amanda, have a good rest. See you tomorrow in the company."

Nola came to open the door. After the dinner was prepared, Nola went back home. She didn't know that there was a fight between them. When she saw Amanda, she asked with concern, "Why do you come back so late? It's dangerous for a girl to stay outside alone. I didn't dare to sleep."

When Amanda saw Nola worrying about her, she felt warm in her heart. She smiled and said, "I'm home safe now."

Nola brought a glass of hot milk to her and said anxiously, "I just left for a while. When I came back, Mr. Mr. Darren was injured and he didn't have dinner. He has been sleeping quietly until now. Mrs. Amanda, go and take a look."

'Why should I take a look at the damn person? Who cares whether he had dinner or not. He will certainly keep on living for sure.' Amanda though. But Nola was so worried about him, so she reluctantly knocked on the door of Darren's bedroom. But the door wasn't opened.

But Amanda was too lazy to come inside. She stood at the door and said, "Nola is worried about you. Be careful. I won't go inside."

The door was opened from inside. Darren didn't turn on the light. Standing by the door, he looke

d like a ghost.

There was light in the corridor. Amanda glanced at him and found the white cloth on his forehead. It was her masterpiece.

"Are you all right?"

"Are you all right?"

At the same time, they both said the same words. The atmosphere was a little embarrassing.

Then Amanda added, "I have to make it clear to you. The wound on your head, you asked for it. I won't let you get away with it easily like that next time."

"Like what?"

'How come this man never remember.' Amanda said, "Of course..." She said in a hoarse voice. When she realized what happened, she glared at Darren. How could this man set a trap for her to say that as a girl.

"Are you okay?" Darren was forced to sit there and listened to the unruly doctor who talked a lot. The doctor said that faint might resulted in myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. It seemed that all the names of the serious diseases he knew were listed out in the doctor's words. But seeing that Amanda was so lively and energetic, it might not be myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.

"I should have asked for it myself too. I hit you to bleed, but I knew it would make me faint at the sight of blood. Damn it!" Amanda said in low spirits.

"Faint at the sight of blood." It was the first time that Darren had heard of someone with this disease. He frowned and asked subconsciously, "What should you do when you have your period every month?"

Startled, Amanda shouted, "You shameless man!" She turned around and ran back to her room.

Darren stood at the door and didn't react immediately, so she ran away. When he realized what happened, he felt awkward too. He was really meddlesome. He didn't care about the trifles of women. Every time when Rose was uncomfortable, she nagged about how difficult it was for women. Sometimes he heard a few words from Rose.

Thinking of Rose, Darren suddenly hesitated. Then Amanda's angry face appeared in front of him again. He stood at the edge of the corridor and looked at the guest bedroom on the other side of the corridor. The light of apricot yellow lamp reflected on it. In fact, it was only a short distance, but he suddenly felt that it was a little far away.

"Kevin, let's go to the First Middle School before heading to the company." Amanda got in the car and asked.

Kevin immediately drove towards the school. Maggie was in the morning class. After she received the phone call, she waited at the school gate. Amanda got off the car and handed the paper bag to her.

Maggie patted her on the shoulder and said, "Well done. I'll buy you breakfast."

"I've had breakfast. But you went too far. There were so many pictures. I saw her was trembling after signing." Amanda sighed, sticking out her tongue.

Maggie burst into laughter, "There were only thirty copies in the first place. But the printing shop made a mistake. We had another set. We shouldn't waste them right? However, she was too obedient to sign all of them. Even in front of everyone, signing dozens of photos is too difficult. It's completely possible to refuse after signing a few."

"I don't know. I gave her the photos and she signed them without a word." Amanda added.

"Is she still worried about you because of the news?" Maggie scratched her chin and pondered, "It's possible. You were so brave on your wedding night that you kicked her out of the room."

"Hey, let's not talk about the old days. I have to go to work now." Amanda couldn't bear Maggie's curiosity, so she told her a little bit. But now seeing Maggie was analyzing her, she left immediately.

"Hello..." before Maggie finished her words, she saw Amanda run away. Maggie was not happy, but looking at the pile of pictures, she smiled with satisfaction. It was so lucky to have a rich lady as friend.

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