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   Chapter 29 Confrontation At Midnight

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What did she mean by saying that he knew the reason? Startled, Darren remembered that last night when she stood in front of a group of reporters with a steel bar in her hands, she was as fierce as a middle-aged woman in the grocery market. A lady from any rich family would behave gracefully. However, she was so fierce and ill bred.

To his surprise, he didn't get angry. She was tough and barbaric. All she did was to defend him and An Group.

She wasn't supposed to answer those sharp questions, and no one taught her how to deal with them, so she had to be unreasonable.

But why did she do that? She said that Darren knew the reason. But he didn't know what he should know about.

"Mr. Darren, MH Resort will be in operation three days later. The person in charge invited you and Mrs. Amanda to have a ribbon cutting." Sophie went through the schedule and requested. The news about Mr. Darren was recently reported, he had to bring Mrs. An with him to meet more guests. Since the company has such a plan to deal with it, she'd try her best to arrange accordingly.

Darren nodded and said impatiently, "You'd better arrange less activities like this in future. The company's performance will be much important than these."

Sophie nodded.

"It's so unfair to you. It's not your fault. It's that woman's fault. She didn't handle it properly, thus you have to arrange everything by yourself. But Mr. Darren still blamed you. I really want to defend you against the unfairness." Nancy said, when she met Sophie in the tea room. Darren's words to Sophie came to Nancy's ears soon.

Sophie smiled, "Such kind of gossip is not easy to deal with."

Nancy curled her lips, "What's the matter? It's obvious that she doesn't want to deal with it. She just took part in the press conference, and now she has been promoted to vice president. Who will believe it if there is no dirty trick? Maybe she went to Nicholas' place to cry for it."

Sophie said with a serious countenance, "Nancy, do you think it's easy to fool Chairman An or do you think he doesn't know how to use people?"

Nancy didn't dare to say anything more. After Sophie went out, she said angrily, "You are just a special assistant. How dare you teach me a lesson."

"There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony three days later. You go with me." Said Darren during dinner.

Amanda paused and said, "I don't have time. Ask someone else to go with you."

"This is company business." Darren frowned.

Then Amanda looked up at him and added, "I know it's the company business. But no matter it's public or private, just ask someone else to do it."

Putting down his bowl and chopsticks heavily, Darren said angrily, "If we can replace you for everything, then what else can you do? As a vice president, but you do nothing. Did Lionel left and took your soul away with him?"

At first, Amanda was thinking of going to see Sheryl's diagnosis report in three days. But when she heard Darren mention Lionel, she got angry at once. She stood up and said angrily, "Darren, are you insane? Why do you always mention him?"

"What's the big deal about me mentioning him?" Seeing that she was angry, Darren calmed down and even with a smile, but only on the corner of his mouth and his eyes were still cold.

"Mr. Lionel just helped me a few times, but you always guess the intentions of others. I despise you, Darren." Enraged, Amanda stood up and was about to leave, but was grabbed by someone from behind.

"It's so late. Where are you going?" Seeing that she turned around in a huff and was about to leave, Darren grabbed Amanda's hand subconsciously.

Then Amanda turned around and said coldly, "I'm going to meet my lover. Do you want to come with me?"

In an instant, her wrist hurt and she was pulled over towards Darren. Amanda started to struggle, but her arms hurt from the twist.

But Darren didn't let her go. He said coldly, "I have told you that if you don't know who you are, I don't mind helping you."

Darren's words amused Amanda.

"I know you don't like Lionel, so you wanted to drive him away. You want everyone to bully me and no one to help me, so you drive away Lionel who helped me. But you didn't expect me to be the vice president. Now you're upset, aren't you?"

"Is that what you think? Do you think I am such a person?" Darren was enraged by what Amanda said. He raised his lips and said, "you are right. I am such a despicable man in your eyes."

"You have a clear estimation of yourself." Amanda proposed.

"So what? I am a jerk. I have the strength to jerk you around." Darren said, "But who do you think you are, Amanda? What makes you think you can bargain with me?"

"Because I don't want to be sold by you, although I'm just a pawn." Amanda's beautiful eyes were full of ridicule, "In your eyes, I'm just an unimportant wife. So what? I can't resign myself to this. I can't bear that someone dares to smear me and ask me to accept it."

"I didn't do that." Darren extricated himself.

"You want me to recognize my identity. However, I won't be photographed having an affair in the mid

dle of the night no matter what." Amanda sneered.

"I just went to see her for business."

"I don't care why you go to her. Even if you want to see the stars or moons, I don't care. Also, you are in no position to mind my business." Amanda turned her face aside, "I'm tired. I don't want to argue with you. That's it."

"Stop." Darren stopped her.

But Amanda ignored him and kept walking.

"Amanda, are you challenging my bottom line?"

She moved her lips a little and said, "If you have your own bottom line, Mr. Darren, please tell me where your bottom line is. You are too high to reach and I always touch your bottom line so easily. My bottom line is right here, you slander others indiscriminately without a clear distinction between right and wrong, which is unbearable for me."

"You can't stand it? What can't you stand?" Darren said, "Cheng family is very interested in our relationship. If you don't want any bad news to be known by them, you'd better behave yourself."

"How didn't I behave myself?" Amanda looked at him and said, "You are the one who was taken photos in the middle of the night. Darren, you'd better have a good self-knowledge, or the media will all be on my side. It's you who has an affair."

"I said I didn't cheat on you." Anger flashed across Darren's eyes.

"I don't care." Amanda proposed.

She was just a tool, a nobody to Darren.

"Don't forget your identity. You are my wife."

'Wife, chess piece. I understand what you mean.' Amanda thought with a smile.

"What are you laughing at?" Said Darren.

Amanda said, "Don't be so naive. As long as we got a marriage certificate, you think I'm your wife, and a woman you can take advantage of when you need or you can dump when you don't? You should go to find Rose."

"So, you are so arrogant and pompous all the time, and look down upon everyone. Is it only when you are in the ward that you will be obedient?" Said Darren flatly.

Then Amanda turned to look at Darren and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean it simply. Now that you are married to me, you are my woman. Don't be so arrogant in the future. It's indeed my fault this time, but you should stop where it should stop." Darren said indifferently, "Sit down and eat."

"I'm full. I don't feel like eating right now." "If there is nothing else, I'll take a rest upstairs," he added

"Sit down." Darren said, "Don't let me repeat it."

"You may say, please sit down." Amanda didn't follow his order, turned away and went upstairs.

She went to her own room and closed the door. But someone stood in front of the door. Darren said coldly, "Amanda, go downstairs."

"No." Amanda answered, "I want to have a rest."

"Why do you have to go against me?" Darren looked at her and pushed the door open. Out of a sudden, Amanda was pushed towards a cabinet, and a photo frame fell from the top of it and fell onto the floor. The glasses broke into pieces, which made Amanda's eyes red.

Noticing that something was broken and the stubborn Amanda shed tears, Darren said, "I'll make another one with crystal."

That photo frame was a special one. It was made by Sheryl himself for her, at his age when he could run around. He could no longer walk or run anymore, but could only lie on the bed.

This was the only gift he had given her. She had kept it well for so many years. But it was ruined by Darren today.

"Get out! Get out!" Amanda pushed Darren while crying.

Darren grabbed her hand and said, "Are you crazy? It's just a photo frame."

"What do you mean by just a photo frame? My brother gave it to me. The only thing he could give me." With red eyes, Amanda turned around and reached out her hand to pick the pieces up.

"Hey, stop it. That's glass." Darren had never seen such a stupid woman like her. The glass on the ground was so sharp that it could hurt her anytime. Amanda's hand was cut and bleeding soon. This irritated Darren. He immediately pulled her up and said angrily, "Are you crazy? Do you think your hand is harder than glass?"

Looking at the red liquid in Amanda's hand, she tilted her head and fainted.

"What's the relationship between you and the patient? Why did she faint? What happened to her?" The doctor asked the man cautiously.

This man came to see a doctor late at night. He looked well dressed, but his clothes were a bit messy, as if he had just been through a fight. There were still nail marks on his neck. Was it a domestic violence? Looking at the handsome young man, the doctor did not expect him as such a kind of person. The doctor's expression became complicated.

Darren was displeased with the doctor's expression. He frowned and said, "Save her first."

The doctor said, "Don't worry. It's just a temporary coma. If it relapses from time to time, it may be a psychological problem. Are you a family member?"

"What does it mean by relapsing from time to time? Why did she faint?" Asked Darren.

"That's what I want to ask. Why did she pass out?" Asked the doctor.

Darren said impatiently, "She fainted all of a sudden. As a doctor, don't you know why?"

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