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   Chapter 28 Such A Shameless Man

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Amanda was stilling standing dully. Lionel's voice trailed off in her ears. It seemed as if her illusion.

If it were you, I would be happier. His low voice swept over her heart, and made Amanda suddenly uneasy. She could not help but guess what did Lionel mean by saying that?

Before she thought it over, the news that Lionel left the company had spread all over An Group. The headquarter sent a notice to the management's email box. Amanda took over Lionel's job and acted as the vice president of An Group advertising company.

When Nancy saw the email, she couldn't believe her eyes, 'Amanda, the vice president? That woman would definitely tread on everyone's head.' In a hurry, Nancy ran out of her office and rushed to the studio.

"Nancy, what's wrong with you? What distracted you?" The lady who opened the door was almost knocked down by Nancy. She looked at Nancy's figure and murmured.

At the same time, Darren had read the email. Suddenly, he remembered what Amanda had told him before. She meant the deal after she got the position of vice president of the company. No wonder she was so arrogant. She was not a weak woman who was bullied by others anymore. He wondered how she would manage the company. What funny things would happen when an alley cat dealt with a group of arrogant domestic cats.

"Mr. Darren, if everything is okay, let's proceed with planned schedule." Sophie was reporting work when she saw the smile on the corner of Darren's mouth. She raised her voice deliberately.

Darren nodded and said, "Okay. Let's do it."

Sophie closed the door and went out. Nancy was waiting right outside the door. She smiled and said, "I'm here to send the files to Mr. Darren."

"Mr. Darren is inside. He'll have a meeting in half an hour. You'd better hurry up." replied Sophie.

Nancy went in for sending the files, and intended to stay a little while longer. By this time, Mr. Darren must have already got the notice. She wondered why he looked so calm? Thinking of Rose asked her to pry, Nancy said, "Mr. Darren, Mrs. Amanda is going to start working tomorrow. Shall we prepare for a handover meeting so that we can get familiar with each other?"

Darren said leisurely, "I don't think it's a big deal. She's not new here. You shall do whatever you should to."

Nancy relieved at once. Even it was set up by the headquarter, Mr. Darren wouldn't buy it.

After getting the USB flash drive, Amanda didn't leave the company, but sat on the chair that Lionel had been sitting on all the time. The decoration in Lionel's office was quite simple. She was familiar with everything in his office, but she didn't expect that someday she would be sitting here and work like him.

As there was a knock on the door, Amanda stood up from the chair subconsciously and said, "Come in, please."

Sophie put a file on the desk and said, "Mrs. Amanda, you have a meeting in twenty minutes. I'm sending you some materials. Mr. Darren hoped you could go and attend the meeting. You can know better about the future work."

Amanda nodded.

Sophie took a look at her and found that Amanda dressed casually like a student who had just graduated and didn't seem to fit in the company at all. With a childish face, Sophie thought of the report last night, 'Amanda was actually energetic and full of energy though.' Sophie didn't know whether such a surprise would be good or not in future work.

"What's more, Mr. Lionel helped you ask for a month's leave before, but due to the transfer of work, this vacation shall be cancelled. If you still need a rest, you cannot apply for it again from the human resource department, but you have to ask for the permission of Mr. Darren or the board of directors. Theoretically, you are going to start working since tomorrow."

"Thank you. I can." Amanda proposed.

"Well, I'll

go first." Sophie smiled politely and turned away.

Everyone was looking at her when Amanda walked into the meeting room. Those people were the top managers of the company. They didn't have much contact with her and most of them were men. She only saw an acquaintance. That was Nancy. When Nancy saw her come in, she didn't feel guilty, but smiled provocatively.

Amanda found a seat aside and sat down. She couldn't understand what they were talking about anyway, so she could take a nap in a corner. By then, everyone had arrived, including Darren. But there was nobody here to start the conversation, and a few people cast looks at Amanda, which confused her.

Darren was sitting at the seat of honor. When he saw Amanda who was sitting at the other end of the desk, reading the document lazily, he put on a grave look. 'Amanda, are you making trouble for me on purpose? Are you showing your attitude to me now? As a vice president, you sit in a corner. Okay, let's see how it goes.'

"The meeting starts now." Said Darren in a low voice.

Finally it started. Amanda was so glad that she could fall asleep now.

"Did you sleep well?" A low and obscure voice rang in her ears.

"The chair is a bit too high." Amanda murmured.

But who was speaking? She seemed to be in a meeting. Suddenly, Amanda jumped up and hit her forehead into a hard stuff. She screamed, put her hand on her forehead and fell back to the chair. The people in the meeting room had already gone away, and only Darren stood in front of her. He covered his chin and said with anger in his eyes, "As a vice president, you slept during the meeting. Do you think you are still a little secretary?"

"You know I'm the vice president, not a little secretary? Then how dare you yell at me like that?" Amanda was dizzy from the impact.

Darren said coldly, "What I want to see is a vice president who can do his job and get things done, not a waste who always bullies others with power."

"Bully people with power? Who else in this company is more overbearing than you?" Amanda then lifted her leg which was still on the bruise caused by him pushing her in Rose's lounge. "Do you see it? You were murdering. No matter what, I am always an employee in the company. It was you who oppressed me with power when you pushed me."

"That was because you were evil and that affected our work." Looking at the wound, Darren said calmly.

"Bah, you are so self righteous. As you said, I should have killed her with a bomb last night when the news came out." Amanda rolled her eyes.

Darren chuckled, "Aren't you still in the limelight with what happened yesterday? Such a rich Mrs. An, had a bitter journey started as Cinderella. You've got all the reputations, and how dare you be so shameless?"

Amanda's eyes widened in disbelief. 'How shameless he is! Last night, I was dragged out as an excuse by him. I made a fuss for him to attract the attention of the media. However, in his eyes, I trampled on Rose and him just for being famous.' she thought.

"Do you think I did all these just for reputation?" Amanda raised her voice and said.

Darren's black eyes were fixed on her. His voice sounded more serious than himself could notice, "Or what for?"

What for? "I'm such a fool. I shouldn't have argued with you about this. You've always hated me since beginning, and you always treat me as an enemy. I don't care what you think of me anymore." Amanda said, rubbing her forehead.

She stood up and was about to leave, but her hand was grabbed by Darren. He said in a deep voice, "I want to know the reason."

"You have your own reason, why do you want me to say it again?" Amanda thought, 'You think I'm purposeful anyway, and think that I meant to break your two up. Why bother to ask me again and again?' Truly annoyed, Amanda shook off his hand and left.

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