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   Chapter 27 Hand Over Work

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"Darren, I didn't know that someone would snap photos out my house. I'm really sorry. It's all my fault." At this time, Rose was sitting in the office of Darren, said with guilty.

"Someone did this behind my back. It has nothing to do with you. This is the new agreement made up by our company. Have a look." said Darren with a frown.

Rose took it up, opened it and had a look. Her face suddenly changed, "Why are there no advertisements of Los and AR? Weren't they supposed to give to me?"

"This snap photo incident also has to be taken into account by the company." Said Darren flatly.

Rose argued, "What's the matter? Isn't there nothing wrong with you and the company now? Darren, those two advertisements are only for the A-list celebrity. You said you would give them to me."

Darren said casually, "Sign the contract first and then send it here."

"Is it for Amanda?" Rose asked, biting her lips. Are you doing this to me because of Amanda? "

"Don't think it too much. What I decided had nothing to do with her." Darren said lightly, "I have to consider for the company."

"Darren, you are living with her every day. You don't even have time for me now." Said Rose with bitterness.

"Anyway, she is my wife after all. And there are some superficial works that need to be maintained." Darren's mind was in a mess when he thought of that woman.

Superficial work? Amanda put her hand on the doorknob and clenched her teeth when she heard what Darren said. 'Son of a bitch! You raped me and then threatened me. You also slandered Lionel. This is so-called superficial work. How shameless can a man be like this?'

"Mrs. An." Sophie's voice suddenly came from the back of Amanda, which also startled the people in the office.

Amanda leaned against the door frame. Darren wasn't sure how much he said was heard by Amanda. Noticing her faint smiling face, Darren asked in a stern tone, "What are you doing here?"

"I have some personal affairs to talk with Miss Rose." Amanda replied, letting go the doorknob and came over with a smile.

"What is it?" Asked Darren.

"Like I said, it's personal affair." Tossing her chin up to give him a quick glance, Amanda then looked at Rose and said with a smile, "Miss Rose, are you available now?"

After thinking for a while, Rose said with a smile, "You can tell me what you want right here. After all, Darren is not an outsider."

Amanda directly came over and sat next to Rose. She put her hand into her bag, grabbed something and tossed it on the table. 'Crack!' The whole action was in a flash, which scared Rose. She looked carefully and found that it seemed to be a stack of photos in a large envelope.

Rose sneered in her heart, 'Amanda, can't you wait anymore and deal with me finally? You will know how stupid you are when Darren defend me.'

Just as she was about to make an explanation with a pitiful look, a pen was put into her hand all of a sudden. Then, Amanda took out the stack of photos, put them in front of her, and said with a smile, "Thank you in advance. But please sign these photos for me."

This was absolutely the most aggrieved experience Rose had for signing photos. There were dozens of pictures. Her hands were sore. In fact, she could have refused with excuse for not having time, but she was shocked by the turning point of Amanda at that time and signed them in a daze.

After taking the autographed photos, it was time for Rose to shoot. Her assistant came in and invited her. Rose was so angry that she even gritted her teeth. It was not easy for her to squeeze out time to stay with Darren alone, so most of her time was occupied by this damn photo signature.

Amanda wiped the sweat from her forehead, 'Maggie, what kind of prize did you ask for? There are only forty students in your class, why did you print out sixty pictures? Rose's hand should have hurt so much!' she thought.

"What do you want these for?" Seeing th

at Amanda actually came to ask for autograph, Darren was also a little surprised. He couldn't believe that Amanda suddenly became one of Rose's fans.

"Well, does it have anything to do with you?" Said Amanda dismissively, rolling her eyes.

Darren's eyes darkened, "Do you know whom you are talking to?"

Amanda answered, "Of course I know whom I'm talking to. But Mr. Darren, do you know whom you are talking to?"

She was the vice president who was designated by Nicholas. Darren, if you continue to bully me, I will kick your company out of the game. You will be exhausted to death.

She must have heard what they said just now, therefore she was so angry. Darren said subconsciously, "Just now, it was just..."

"I have something else to do and I have to go now." After taking the autograph, Amanda didn't even bother to stay with Darren. She pushed the door and left immediately, leaving Darren's unfinished words behind the door.

When she arrived at Lionel's office, Lionel was already sitting inside. When he saw Amanda, he handed her a USB flash drive and said, "The basic information is here. You can go back and have a look. There are several ongoing cases being charged by specific mangers. And there is contact information of those people. I've already informed them. You can work on it yourself. You can ask me any time when there is anything you don't understand."

"Where are you going?" Amanda looked at Lionel and asked.

Lionel was confounded for a while. Amanda's watery eyes were shining, which made his heart soft. "I'm just transferred to another company of An Group. It's in FS District, only three-hour driving by car through highway. It's close." he answered gently.

"Why are you leaving? Is it because of what Darren said? Don't take his words seriously." Amanda said with her head bowed.

"No, it's not like that. I had studied film making abroad, and it happened that the company had future strategy on developing the related business when I came back from abroad. So I want to give it a try. You know, we can't always be trapped in the same world. We have to go out and have a try." Lionel replied.

"Will you come back then?" Amanda asked.

"I don't think so." Lionel burst in laughter suddenly, "Besides, I don't come back for your good."

"How could it be? You can come back and continue to be the vice president, while I'm satisfied to be a little secretary." Amanda thought that Lionel was loath to leave the position of vice president.

Lionel shook his head and said, "No, it's not like that. There will be an investment from the headquarter, and they are considering whether the investment will be added to this advertising company or SH Film I'm in charge of. Either of them will be able to make a huge improvement after getting the additional investment. Let's see who has the ability to hand out a better report at the end of this year."

Then Amanda realized that Lionel's new company was fighting for the investment with this advertising company of Darren's. Lionel was about to leave and she was now the vice president of Darren. Theoretically speaking, she should be in competition with Lionel.

"Then why you prepare these for me." Amanda whispered.

The documents were well prepared by Lionel. All the things she needed had been sorted out. As a new comer, she would be exhausted to do it by herself.

"I don't need to make things difficult for others. No matter who is going to take over the job, I would do it." Lionel answered with a smile. After saying that, he stood up, lifted her hand and put the USB flash drive in her hand. In a low voice, he said, "Of course, if it were you, I would be happier."

Amanda turned her head to look at Lionel, his eyes were full of tenderness. "Just do your best, and no one can bully you again." he said with a smile on his face. Then he released his hands, turned around and walked away, leaving Amanda alone in the office.

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