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   Chapter 26 An Unexpected Duty

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"No, I can't accept it. I already feel embarrassed to accept it last time." Amanda refused immediately.

"It was yours." Nicholas said.

"No, I have donated it out. The weekly magazine has been following the news for a long time." Amanda said apologetically. She hit the headlines for a week with a bracelet. Although she still couldn't be recognized later, she did it after all and had to pay the price.

"After the news, the stock price of An Group had increased by 0.326% for three days on average. This bracelet is only worth a small portion of the amount. It's you who made it happen. So it's yours now." Nicholas said.

Amanda shocked. The stock price of An Group rose. As a big company, if An Group's stock price rose a little, then the whole property would grew a lot. She just donated a bracelet, but it could lead to such a great effect. She looked at the bracelet carefully.

Nicholas said in a low voice, "Don't donate it again. It will cost one million again to buy it back."

Amanda burst into laughter. The tension in the air seemed to ease a lot.

"It's time for food. The guests are supposed to arrive." Nicholas stood up and Amanda was about to get hold of him. But Nicholas wave his hand and said, "I'm old, but I'm not that old. People like your size, I'm able to knock three of you down."

Then Amanda took a few steps back and stood still. She absolutely believed in Nicholas.

When they were sitting at the dining room, Amanda was surprised to see the person who came in.

When Lionel came in and saw Amanda, he was surprised too, but he calmed down and sat down.

"I've read the business plan of SH Film. It's done well." Nicholas said, "The board of directors plans to invest 30 percent of the fund for the first milestone, and I want to see the results before adding it to the later. The extra 30 percent, I want to see the result of you and Darren before making a decision."

Lionel said with a smile, "Don't worry. I'll get the thirty percent."

Nicholas laughed, "It's good for young people to be confident, but I have to worry about everything in my life, so everything goes well."

Since Amanda didn't understand what they were talking about, she pretended to listen quietly. Nicholas suddenly opened his mouth, "How about you work as a secretary here?"

Lionel was surprised. He said, "I think it's a good idea."

But why did they change the topic to her? Amanda immediately became cautious. It seemed that Nicholas was very clear about the company. She was Darren's wife, but she worked as a secretary under Lionel. She wondered how would Nicholas think of this?

"Amanda, what do you think?" Nicholas turned to her and asked.

"I think it's good." Amanda proposed.

Nicholas said lightly, "I didn't ask you to work in the company, but to get you familiar with the company's condition. Lionel has given you his recognition, which indicates that you are quite familiar with it now. When you get back, Lionel will be relocated for another job. Since you are familiar with his work, you can take over him directly."

'I take over Lionel's work?' Amanda thought, puzzled. But there must be something wrong. Lionel acted as the deputy general manager of An Group, the second in command of An Group. In the company except for Darren, his words worked. But now, Nicholas asked her to be the deputy general manager.

As for the relocation, Amanda subconsciously looked at Lionel, heartbroken, 'He's leaving. Where is he going?'

"Well, I'll go to prepare for the handover." Lionel looked at Nich

olas with a smile.

Nicholas nodded.

"Mr. Lionel, are you leaving?" Amanda looked at Lionel, couldn't help but asked.

Lionel nodded and smiled, "You don't know yet? Now I'm in charge of film shooting."

A smile crept on Amanda's face, "Sounds great. Good for you!"

It was good for him. In this way, Lionel wouldn't be provoked by Darren anymore, but she couldn't be his secretary anymore. In fact, being his secretary was quite relaxed. She had slept for half an hour when she was tired, and when she was hungry, she went out for dinner in the name of sending documents. Those women didn't dare to bully her anymore under the name of assistant general manager.

However, there was a hint of sadness for Amanda, and she was not pleased at all for being the vice president of the company.

Seeing her frustration, Lionel also felt frustrated. But he had no choice. He had to stand beside Darren to pursue what he wanted.

"Well, I'm tired. You can go now." After the meal, Nicholas asked them to leave.

"I can give you a ride." Lionel stared at Amanda.

Nicholas said, "Oh right, this reminds me. Lillian, remember to send Kevin to be Amanda's driver."

Lionel smiled helplessly and thought, 'This old fox is really vigilant.'

"Where do you want to go, madam? Should I go back directly?" The driver Kevin came with a car, and he asked politely.

"Amanda, if you have nothing else to do this afternoon, you can go to the company and get the handover done." It was a text message from Lionel.

"Go to An Group." Amanda ordered, clenching her phone.

When she walked into An Group again, Amanda didn't feel anything special. But when she walked in, people around her were talking about her behind her back, which made her a little confused.

"It's so humiliating. Did she think that she was shooting a movie? She bragged without thinking." Several ladies held the magazines and chatted happily.

"What is shame? She was humiliated today. She tried to make it clear earlier, but Rose was still invited to shoot the commercial anyway." They all burst into laughter.

Was Rose here? Amanda touched her purse and then she remembered the favor Maggie had asked her. She went to the studio in a hurry.

The people in the studio were well prepared. The one in charge of the shooting saw Amanda and started to look at her cautiously. It was her who made them suffer from preparing for a long time without taking any photos.

Even though it was Mrs. An, what happened for yesterday's clarification was only the result of the public relationship done by An Group. No matter how much hype it was, it would not change the fact that she was a cheap wife. Moreover, Rose could come here to shoot an advertisement today, and this was enough to show Mr. Darren's attitude to her.

"Where is Rose?" Amanda stopped one person and asked.

"I don't know." The guy shook his hand impatiently.

She asked three or four people, but none of them had the answer. They even said that 'The irrelevant people shall leave the studio right away.'

"Wow, who is this? The rich wife Cinderella." A voice with scornful tone came from the crowd. With a smile on her face, Nancy walked out and said, "If you are looking for Rose, you shouldn't have come here. She is in the president's office now."

Then Amanda turned around and left.

The group of people surrounded Nancy and said excitedly, "Is there going to be a good show next? Nancy, you're really good at it."

Nancy sneered, "She brought this on herself. Why should we stop her?"

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