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   Chapter 25 Visit An Family Again

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"How dare she saying that!" An entertainment magazine was thrown onto the tea table. The woman with big sunglasses bit her shiny pink lips and said angrily.

Sitting opposite her, Nancy said, "Right. Now Amanda has won much attention in the company. In my opinion, she's just like a shrew. She doesn't deserve Mr. Darren."

The look on Rose's face turned deathly pale. The gossip reporters would try their best to write the drama because of what Amanda said. Usually, the people in business area generally had to be flexible when they spoke, so the words could be interpreted as hundreds of different ways. The reporters didn't expect that Amanda would speak in such a direct way, which gave them more space to play with.

The titles on the covers of those magazines were like, 'The rich wife declares: fearless for husband cheating on her, her status is inviolable.' 'Exclusive interview on Amanda: there's always only one Mrs. An, and it's me.' 'Cinderella can also be domineering. Reveal the journey of rich wife. Confident woman is the most beautiful one. What are you waiting for?'

She clenched her fists with rage.

"Haha." When Amanda saw the covers, she almost spewed out the coffee. Maggie was sitting opposite her, quickly moved the coffee aside and said helplessly, "Miss, calm down. A cup of coffee at the price of 35 RMB is so expensive."

Rich wife, Cinderella, domineering. Amanda would laugh out loud. Those gossip reporters in the entertainment industry were so funny and stupid. It was obvious a gossip of bossy chairman having an affair with a small star, now it turned out to be the summary reports on how rich wife counterattacked in her marriage. They would never believe what they heard from others.

"Did you ask me out just to show me this?" Amanda asked. She was surprised to receive the phone call from Maggie, but it seemed that Maggie was the best friend she had here. Talking together would be a pleasure.

And even though they hadn't seen each other for years, Maggie still got along well with her and they felt alike a lot.

"I'm not that bored." Maggie gave her a disdainful look, stirred the coffee in the cup, and pushed a black forest cake in front of Amanda, "Here, you loved this cake the most before."

Amanda took the fork and took a few bites. It was really a long time since she last ate it, and she missed it very much.

"Can you get me some Rose's autographs?" Seeing Amanda enjoying the food, Maggie pointed at her chin and said with a smile.

Amanda paused and said to her, "Are you serious? She treats me just like her enemy. How could she possibly give me her autograph? It's more realistic that she would write a curse letter."

Maggie said, "Why are you so stupid? The more she hates you, the better she will pretend to treat you. Otherwise, others will know that she hates you. You can just ask her directly in front of others. How can she reject you and let others think that she has no respect for you."

"Come on! She never meant to save my face, okay?" Amanda pouted and thought it was a not a big deal to lose her face, but it mattered that Rose set her up in the lounge and framed her. Looking at Maggie, Amanda said, "Oh, my dear, you're already not young anymore. You should change your idol to chase. It's a shame to chase her."

Maggie said, "Of course I don't chase stars, but I want to remind you that I'm not that old. I'm only 23. My students obsess with her a lot. So in order to encourage them to well prepare for the mid-term exam, I said I would prepare a prize for them. It's a good chance that you're on her, so I want to give them an autograph to stimulate them."

"It's not easy to be a t

eacher." Amanda sighed.

Maggie ran her fingers through her hair, and replied, "It's true. I need to teach the class in the morning and score the homework in the afternoon, and review the story of rich wife's journey in spare time."


Anyways, Maggie had given Amanda the photos. So Amanda had to get the job done for the sake of the cup of coffee which cost thirty-five RMB.

When Amanda got home, Nola habitually brought her a bowl of chicken soup. Amanda had to admit that after having the chicken soup for several days, she felt much better.

"I didn't expect you to be so domineering." Said Nola with a smile at lunch.

Her words were a shock to Amanda. She looked at Nola with fear and asked, "Nola, don't tell me you saw it, did you?"

Nola laughed, "I saw it when I went for a grocery shopping today. It's amazing. Everyone said that Mrs. Amanda was very marvelous and inspiring."

Amanda felt lucky that Darren didn't come back for lunch.

At this moment, the door opened.

Amanda was startled. Luckily, it was not Darren, but a gentleman dressed in a suit.

But once this man opened him mouth, Amanda thought that it was better to be Darren.

"Nice to meet you, madam. I'm Lillian, Chairman An's assistant. Chairman An wants to invite you to have lunch with him. Are you available now?"

Chairman An? Amanda put down her chopsticks and was confused.

Nola walked up to him and said with a smile, "Lillian, have a seat first."

Lilian bowed his head and smiled to Nola, "It's not very convenient. Mrs. An, please go with me at once."

Amanda pulled Nola over and whispered, "Who is Chairman An?"

Nola was a little surprised. She said quietly, "He is your grandpa."

Nicholas? Suddenly, the smiling old man's face popped into Amanda's head, 'Why is he looking for me?'

Lilian came alone, and he didn't talk much on the way. He drove very fast and steady.

After she got into the car, Amanda couldn't help but asked, "Well, What does Mr. Nicholas want from me?"

Lilian focused on the driving and said, "Don't worry, madam. It's useless to worry."

When they arrived at An family, the servant came to open the door respectfully.

But Darren didn't come. Amanda felt a little uncomfortable. As she was led into the garden, Nicholas was sitting on the mat and drinking tea. In the center of the garden, there was a shallow pool, in which placed cobblestones and some fishes were swimming. Nicholas looked calm and nobody said anything. Amanda didn't know what to do, so she stood at the door and leaned against it.

Her legs were sore while standing for long, Nicholas put down his cups and gave her a gentle smile, asked her to sit over.

Then Amanda sat down and Nicholas passed a cup of tea to her. It was a simple white porcelain bowl with a pattern of koi fish, which looked lively in the tea.

"Your bracelets have been given out." Nicholas said.

Amanda was a little bit awkward. After all, she knew that this bracelet was a gift from Nicholas, and since she was not a granddaughter-in-law that others accepted honestly, she didn't ask for his permission to donate the bracelet to others. It was inevitable that Nicholas got mad at her.

"It's good, but it's a pity." Nicholas said, "It was Darren's fault."

'That's right, grandpa. If Darren came back early, why would I have to donate the bracelet.'

Nicholas raised his hand. A servant came in secretly with a box made of redwood. Nicholas gave Amanda a hint to take the box. Amanda opened the box and surprisingly found it was the same jade bracelet. She looked at Nicholas in surprise and asked, "Did you buy it back again?"

"Take it." Nicholas said.

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