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   Chapter 24 Confident Enough

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In fact, they really misunderstood her. It was not because Amanda had no money to buy clothes or good clothes. It was just that she had been used to living a hard life. Wearing these civilian clothes was much more comfortable than wearing haute couture for ladies.

As a result, however, Amanda was pretty satisfied with the result. Holding the microphone, she continued, "But without good clothes, I'm not the wife of the chairman, am I? Without jewelry, I'm not the wife of the chairman, am I? Obviously not. Even if I'm dressed in a mess, it won't change the fact that I'm Darren's wife. I'm not very beautiful, and I'm not very elegant. But I don't care about that. I know why you came here today. You should also know it."

"You came here for the photos, but you did not pay attention to the truth. After you saw the photos, you tended to believe that my husband should have had an affair with Rose. Thus, you can write the news as planned. You squeeze into An Group, just to see my reaction as Mrs. An, whether it's aggrieved grievance or rage, which can add a lot of materials to your story."

"But I have to say, these photos are nothing in my eyes. I won't be angry or cry, because even if there are these photos, I'm still Mrs. An, which is undoubtedly a fact. Moreover, you only got the figure of Mr. Darren outside her house. There are a lot of advertising cooperation in our company with Rose. Mr. Darren is the most concerned about the advertising progress, which you have already known long time ago. It's normal to discuss more about the schedule of the shooting." Amanda proposed.

"In that case, may I know if your husband Darren is the one you love the most, Mrs. An?" A reporter with a green badge stood up and asked.

Love Darren the most? Don't even think about it. He is such a narcissist. How could anyone love him? Under the table, Darren reached out his hand and grasped her hand, trying to hint her.

After receiving the signal, Amanda was a little pleased. She answered calmly, "I can't answer this question."

Feeling hurt in hand, Amanda cast a glare at Darren, 'You wretch, let go of my hand now!'

Darren also looked pale. He thought to himself, 'This stupid woman. Do you come here to solve the problem or to make trouble again?'

"What? Isn't Mr. Darren the one you love the most?" The reporter sneered.

Amanda pouted and asked, "How many times have you got married?" The reporter was over forty years old. He usually drank a lot and had a fat belly. Unexpectedly, when he heard Amanda's question, he asked unconsciously, "Does this have anything to do with my question?"

"Of course it does. How many of you guys who only have got married once so far? You can show me your hands." Amanda raised her voice and looked at the people in the room. They looked at each other with cold eyes. She said with a smile, "You see, you are not married for only once. Who knows if we will meet a better one in the future?

There are many unpredictable things in the future and how stupid we are if we stick to the current. You asked me who I love the most. If I don't meet a better person, Darren is naturally the love my life. If we break up in the future, the love of my life will also be changed to another person. What do you expect me to say?"

If I don't meet a better person, Darren is naturally the love of my life. It was bold and straightforward for the woman to say such words. He couldn't help smiling, but soon his smile turned cold. What the woman said right now was nothing but to deal with the situation, and her real purpose was probably Lionel.

"What a straightforward woman, Mrs. An. I heard that not long ago, it was said that Rose fell to the ground and hurt herself when she was shooting an advertisement at your company. At that time, Mrs. An didn't seem to have a good relationship with Mr. Darren." The reporter with the green badge asked sharply again.

"What's going on between me and Darren? How come you know better than I do?" Amanda chuckled, "It's not a big deal. It was just a misunderstanding. Now that Rose has recovered well, I believe we'll soon start the third round of cooperation."

"Do you live in harmony with Mr. Darren?" A reporter asked.

"Not bad." Amanda replied with a smile.

This was not bad. If two people didn't assault each other, it was true that they lived in a harmonious life. Unfortunately, the house was so large that they would always run into each other, which was a lot annoying.

"Then what do you think about the gossip between your husband and Rose? There has been nonstop news about it in recent years. Have you ever been worried about..." A reporter asked.

"It only takes a second to fall in love with someone. If those could be together, they would have been together at the beginning. But obviously, it was me married Darren after a few years of gossips. When there were these gossips before, Darren stayed single, so why should I worry about these rumors now?" Amanda answered in a neither humble nor pushy way.

The round of questions finally came to an end. Some big journalists left to have a small talk with Darren and they all admired and appreciated Amanda in their eyes.

When Darren turned around, he saw Amanda lying on the couch with her legs tucked up and down. She must be sleepy, after a long night.

He looked around the mess in the conference room, saw that the cameras and the video cameras had been destroyed and he had to pay to repair them. He really doubted if this woman was really a female. She didn't have the gentle and blushed characteristic, but could burst into violent anytime.

Amanda didn't know anything. She already fell asleep on the couch. Seeing this, Sophie got a little surprised.

Amanda's mouth was slightly opened as if she was breathing with her mouth. The thick eyelashes left a shadow around her eyes, which made Darren didn't move his eyes.

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