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   Chapter 23 A Group Of Idiots

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"Are you new here?" Amanda crossed her arms and looked at the security up and down.

Because of this sensational news and too many onlookers, the company temporarily pulled out a small security team to be responsible for the order of the venue. The dedicated security snorted coldly and said, "It is not important whether I am new or not. The most important thing is that the company's rules are strict. No one is allowed to come onto this stage."

"Hey, new little reporter, this is not the place you can make trouble with. Get down now." Someone noticed the noise and shouted in his seat.

"I'm not a little reporter. Let me go onto the stage." Amanda said to the security, holding his arm tightly.

The security shook his hand off and shouted in a low voice, "Young lady, behave yourself. Don't disturb the order of the whole hall because of you."

The people who were seated were somewhat dissatisfied with the disturbance. Several security guards ran over. The security tidied his hat and said angrily, "As the team leader, I must follow the company's principle. Get her out from here. No matter which newspaper she comes from, she can't interview anymore. An Group has enough reporters to interview. Pull her out!"

The petite Amanda was not a match for the tall and strong security guards. On the stage, Darren looked over, because under the light, this area was the shadow area, and he could only see the struggling figure, not able to see exactly who they were. He frowned slightly, and was surprised that someone dared to make trouble in the presence of the security guards.

"Darren, Darren." Amanda attempted to call him by waving hands. But Darren couldn't hear her because the venue was too big and noisy.

Amanda was pushed to the door, and was even pushed to the ground by some unkind reporters. They laughed and said, "Hey, beauty, don't you know the rules? Do you think a new comer like you can step on An Group's stage so easily?"

Amanda took a deep breath. She lost her baby just now and now she was pushed by these people again. They must be insane! She got up from the ground, glanced at these reporters, walked up to the cameras, kicked them down, and then swung a steel bar in front of the wall.

"Somebody is disrupting the conference. Guys, together up." The leader of security guards waved his hand, and several strong men rushed to Amanda. Then, Amanda took up the steel bar with a ferocious look in her eyes and scolded, "A group of idiots! Let's see who dare to touch me!"

Her imposing manner shocked everyone for a moment. Out of curiosity, some reporters picked up cameras and shot her. The woman who dared to make trouble at the press conference of An Group must be extraordinary. Under the bombardment of flashlights, the security guards didn't have the guts to take action. Otherwise, the bullying of a weak woman by a group of men would surely make the scene worse.

"Miss, now we are holding the press conference. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can react in private. You have disrupted the order of the press conference, which makes us embarrassed." The leader ran over, trying to control his emotions and said kindly.

Amanda's face softened. She smiled and said, "I do have some complaints."

It was just an ordinary dispute. Journalists were a little disappointed.

Then Amanda swung the steel bar to the ground. She crossed her arms and sneered, "But my complaints can't be solved in private."

The reporters cameras s

urrounded her again.

Amanda then pointed at the team leader of the security guards and added, "But don't worry too much. I'm not only going to make trouble for you, but also this group of idiots." She stretched out her finger and drew a half circle in front of her, making the group of reporters surrounding her included.

"Miss, may I ask who you are? Do you mean we are all fools? You'd better watch your language." Some big famous reporters were used to being chased after by others, so they immediately sneered.

"I'm sorry. I'm not accustomed to howling at the moon. But I'll gradually get used to it." Amanda showed them a modest smile, which was annoying seen under the light.

What was this woman doing? All the reporters surrounding the stage had turned to the back corner. The woman in the corner looked so disdainful, as if she had hatred with others. Darren couldn't react but heard that woman say loudly, "Why should I blame you for being stupid? You waited for the person to interview for half a night, but you thought the person was making a scene and wanted to drive her out. Is this foolish? You rushed out and wanted to hit the headlines today, but you didn't even know what the person you were going to interview looked like. No wonder you are just group of gossip reporters who followed others everywhere."

With that, Amanda shoved her way through the crowd. Since her remarks were shocking, no one dared to stop her. On the stage, Amanda picked up the microphone and announced loudly, "I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I'm Darren's wife, Mrs. An of An Group, and also the person you're going to interview tonight, Amanda. Honestly, I don't want to make you wait too long, but there are always a group of idiots with heads up. They didn't believe that I'm me, and that's why I delayed so long."

The people offstage were talking about her, 'This woman was dressed in a simple white shirt and a pair of cropped jeans, which were much cheaper than the suit they were wearing. Who would believe that she was Mrs. An of An Group? However, she actually was. She even complacently cursed those who did not recognize her, without a dirty word.

"Unfortunately, there are so many people out there who don't want to believe it. In their eyes, Ms. An of An Group is a truly pathetic woman who has to face her husband cheating on her with another woman; a resentful woman who gets neglected after she gets married; a vulnerable wife who dares to say nothing but swallowing her teeth with blood and takes tears silently? No, a noble lady with luxuriant clothes and jewelry." Amanda said.

"I can't believe that someone can't recognize me! Especially you all! The people who received the invitation of An Group are not small reporters. All of you are experienced. And I'm not that unknown, okay? I've been on the news trending for two weeks, one was for my wedding and the other one was for my donation. How come no one recognize me? Now I know it. Because the clothes I am wearing today is simple, just so simple that no one would believe that I am the wife of a chairman."

'You do have a clear estimation of yourself.' The group of journalists were so angry that they couldn't speak a word. She looked so cheap. Did she put on such a shabby dress and make such an awkward scene just to embarrass them? No one actually had expected that the graceful woman would become such a poor college student. Even if An family was poor, there was no reason to dress up Mrs. An like this.

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