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   Chapter 22 Gossip

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It was still dark outside. Amanda pressed down the window when she leaned against it. The car was so fast that the wind blew in and blew up her hair.

Sophie was driving to the press conference, she glanced at Amanda from the rearview mirror.

When Amanda knew that a storm was coming, she was able to remain calm, which surprised Sophie. Amanda leaned against the window with her chin resting on her arm. The lights outside flashed across her face, but she didn't have a serious look on her face. She even yawned, as if she had worked the night shift, tired and relaxed.

The press conference was set in the conference room of An Group, and the famous news reporters had been invited in. Those gossip reporters were all excited to surround the outside of An Group. Seeing a car coming over, they immediately raised the microphone in excitement and wanted to ask some questions for getting stunts for their newspaper.

To their disappointment, a girl in a plain sportswear got off the car. She was plainly dressed than the reporters and was not the person they'd been waiting for. As a result, the people surrounding them immediately dispersed.

At the sight of a bunch of cameras, Amanda was scared. But those reporters didn't seem to be looking for her, so they had dispersed once again. She heaved a sigh of relief but was afraid at the same time, 'Journalists are really crazy!' she thought.

The security guards at the entrance of An Group recognized Mrs. An. When they saw her coming, they all moved aside and gave way to her. There was a flash of sympathy in their eyes, but they were more gloating over her misfortune. It was shameful for the husbands to tryst with stars at midnight and the wives to deal with a group of reporters.

Amanda walked into Darren's office first following the instructions given by Sophie. Darren, who was sitting under a night lamp, was sitting in the soft leather sofa. Darren's eyes were full of anger. The board was very dissatisfied with the matter which was disclosed by Nicholas on the phone just now. It was not good for the company's image. Moreover, the construction of the Green Light Estate that was developed by An family and Cheng family had begun. The news would directly affect the sales of the estate.

"Hey, what do you want me to do here? You'd better finish it as soon as possible, so that I can go back to sleep." Amanda didn't forget that Darren had once declared at her bedside to insult her. And now he even asked her for help. He must feel awful.

Darren said coldly, "Shut up."

He had been playing in business for so many years, but he had never been so embarrassed like this time. He was even forced to hold a press conference to clarify what had happened.

If he found out who posted those pictures, he would show no mercy.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" For the first time, Amanda found that people who asked for a favor could be so arrogant like him.

But thinking about it, it would be impossible for him to be obedient so easily.

She couldn't help smiling and thought she was so stupid to compete with him.

Sophie showed up in a hurry. As the special assistant of Darren, Sophie was familiar with the press. It took her a long time to get rid of the gossip journalists.

"How's it going?" asked Darren.

Sophie answered calmly, "Several famous journalists have been invited, and the public relations of An Group are also invited. But the reporter from WT Web, which released the pictures first, is hard to deal with. I'm afraid that some tough questions will come out then."

Darren sneered, "He may ask whatever he wants. I'd like to see what kind of questions he dares to ask."

Amanda asked curiously, "What kind of question is difficult to answer? Tell me in advance, so I can get prepared too."

Sophie said

, "They will probably ask some couples' love affair. They are always interested in gossip about relationship."

Amanda nodded and said, "That won't be a big deal."

Darren glanced at her and wondered would this woman want to show her love to him in front of the media, which though seemed to be the easiest way.

"Mr. Darren, the reporters are all here. They can't wait any longer. Are you going out now?" An assistant knocked on the door and said.

Darren stood up from the sofa and grabbed Amanda's hand as he walked past her.

Caught off guard, Amanda bumped her nose into Darren's back. "Hey, let me go. I can walk by myself." she screamed, covering her nose.

Darren directly shook off her hand as if she was something unclean.

Amanda suddenly felt her belly hurt, then she turned around and went to the ladies' room.

"Wow, when did our company become so bustling?" A few female employees went into the washroom and discussed heatedly.

"Mr. Darren is going to hold a press conference, right?" Someone covered her mouth and laughed, "I don't know how it is going to be like."

"Of course no other option. It must be Mrs. An who came out to clarify the misunderstanding."

"What kind of misunderstanding is it? She is just a stranger who doesn't know the truth. If I were her, I would definitely want to bump my head into the wall. My husband slept another woman and she has to deal with the aftermath."

"She is just a cheap wife. No one would take her seriously. Maybe she will come in handy this time and get a better reward."

It was hard to believe that these kind of gossip ladies could be a big source of gossip. Amanda was intrigued by them. She was about to stand up, but then she sat down again.

As expected, they started a second round of discussion.

"It's strange though. Didn't Mr. Lionel plan to go abroad this month? Why did he take over a new company?" Someone said.

"Maybe Mr. Lionel has a brilliant brain. It's very profitable for running film business, and he can easily take one or two good scripts and make some new actors popular. It will makes big profits with a small capital."

"Argh!" Someone cut in and said in a low voice, "What do you think the relationship between Mr. Lionel and Amanda? We all know that Mr. Darren doesn't like her. After all, Mr. Lionel helped her a lot in the studio last time, and made her his secretary."

"Who knows? What do you think of a man being nice to a woman? Let's stop guessing."

While saying that, the girls began to laugh, as if they had guessed out a shocking secret.

Amanda was tired. They didn't continue, so she opened the door and came out.

Those women's expression changed a lot when they saw her. Amanda was recalling their expressions, while walking to the reception room unconsciously.

At the door of the reception room, Sophie was looking around anxiously, and trotted over with eight centimeters high heels when she saw Amanda. No wonder she was the special assistant.

Sophie hold Amanda and said with a smile, "We are waiting for you. You can come in now."

To her surprise, Sophie didn't get mad at her. Amanda thought she would be scolded. After all, everyone in the company could curse her as they liked. She didn't mind, and no one would mind.

Sophie was not an ordinary woman for sure.

When Amanda walked into the reception room, she heard a reporter asking Darren, "Didn't you say Mrs. An was here already? Why hasn't she show up now?"

The person in charge of hosting said, "Mrs. An will be here soon. Please wait for a moment."

When Amanda came into the room, someone noticed her. But since she was in unnoticeable outfit, a guard stopped her when she was about to get on the stage, "I'm sorry. No one is allowed to get on the stage. Please return to your seat."

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