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   Chapter 21 The Incident

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6599

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"Go on." said Henry with a smile.

Amanda said with a grimace, "But don't you already know it, bro? Anything else left?"

"I only saw the medical record. I'm curious about the conflicts between people." Said Henry.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders and said helplessly, "What else conflict is there? I just lost a kid. I don't want him to know about it. I don't want a dispute between us again."

"The child is not his?"

"Ahem." Amanda choked herself, pulled out some tissue and wiped her mouth awkwardly. She rolled her eyes at him and snapped, "What are you talking about?"

"If not, why don't you tell him?" Henry stared at her.

It was easy and fast for men and women to fall in love with each other, but they wouldn't become worse if their children were involved. According to what she brought up before, Henry smiled. A clever woman should be good at taking advantage of men's sympathy and guilt, so that they could go further and steadily.

Amanda lowered her head staring at the jelly floating on smoothie. As the fresh and plump forehead shone in the light, her nose had a nice shape and her watery eyes looked lazy and listless like a sleepy cat.

"Not everyone wants to get benefits from it. I was forced to marry him in the first place, and I don't want to be more involved with him. The appearance of the child was just a burden to him, but let him become a secret. It's good for both him and me." Amanda chuckled, with a hint of desolation in her eyes.

"Stupid." "I don't like to deal with idiots. That's it. I don't want to see you again." said Henry.

When he paid the bill and left, Amanda didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. As she was drinking slowly, some kind of light flashed across her mind. But there were so many people in the coffee shop that Amanda didn't care about it. She packed her things and went home directly.

"Mrs. An, have a bowl of chicken soup to warm up yourself." As soon as she got home, Nola brought her a bowl of chicken soup. Amanda smiled, "Thank you, Nola."

"No problem, Mrs. An. It's my pleasure." Nola smiled and said, "Once Mr. Darren said that, I quickly went to the market to buy fresh chicken. The soup I made is the best, and I will remember to cook it in future."

Amanda was stunned, "Darren said that?"

Nola smiled, "Mr. Darren still cares about your health."

This man. Amanda felt a bit uncomfortable and thought, 'What the hell is he thinking? Was it because I agreed to let him be together with Rose and he wanted to compensate me?' It's completely impossible. It's not up to him whom he wants to be with.

Since Amanda couldn't figure it out, she decided to put it aside. After all, it was really nice to have a bowl of warm chicken soup.

In the evening, when Darren came back, Nola went to him to take off his coat. Darren looked around and found nobody in the living room. He asked, "Had she drunk it up?"

Nola laughed and said, "Mrs. An had drunk it and slept all afternoon."

Darren nodded, frowning. He was not in a good mood.

He asked Lionel to be in charge of the case in America, but he didn't expect that Lionel had got the new case of SH Film from Nicholas. Now Lionel was separated from An Group, and it would stand up to Darren.

"Lionel, it seems that you

really have to stay here to compete with me." Receiving the call from Nicholas, Darren said coldly.

Lowering his head, Lionel added, "I've never thought of competing with anyone. I just prefer the people here."

Prefer the people here? There was only one person here that he could prefer. It was Amanda.

"SH Film is preparing to shoot a new TV series. I'm looking forward to invite Rose as leading actress." Lionel smiled, "After all, she's Mr. Darren's woman."

Suddenly, the door slam sound woke Amanda up from a dream. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Before she opened her eyes, her chin was grabbed by someone. Then she was kissed on the lips. After a few seconds, Amanda pushed Darren away and trembled with anger. She leaned back and roared, "Darren! What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?"

Darren looked at her coldly and said, "Amanda, I'm warning you. If you don't sign the divorce agreement, you and Lionel will never be together. Even if the stuff I throw away, no one else can ever have it."

He looked furious. And Amanda was even angrier than him. She was caught up and kissed wildly for a long time tonight. After the kiss, she was called a stuff. Such a domineering demonstration insulted her. For a moment, all the good impression she had on him during the day was gone.

Amanda grabbed a pillow, threw it at him, and scolded, "You'd better pray that we'll divorce sooner or later. If you keep acting like this, I'll cuckold you."

"You'd better have a clear estimation of yourself." Looking at Amanda's angry face, Darren became more irritated. This woman was just an accessory part of his business and he never took her seriously. But it was a problem that she was coveted by someone. And this man was Lionel, his rival in strength all the time. Lionel used to be his brother, but now parted with him because of a woman.

Darren shut the door and rushed out. Amanda's eyes were wet with tears. She knew that she and Darren had a contractual marriage, but it didn't mean that she could allow him to bully her like a stuff. If she could choose, who would like to start a marriage without getting blessing? Damn it, Darren!

In the middle of the night, there was a knock on the door, which woke up Amanda who was still asleep. The woman outside the door said, "Mrs. An, I'm Mr. Darren's assistant, Sophie. I'm sorry to wake you up. There is an emergency. Please forgive me. Get up and go with me."

Then Amanda got up and opened the door. She looked at the woman in front of her suspiciously. It was already late at night. The woman in front of her wore an appropriate suit with delicate makeup and a calm smile on her face. But anxiety flashed in her eyes from time to time.

On the way, Sophie roughly introduced the situation to Amanda. Mr. Darren went to look for Rose in the middle of the night and was photographed by news reporters. An Group could have suppressed the news, but because of the release of Rose's new movie, the hype of the investor side was quite popular, with the help of An Group's enemies secretly, and Amanda stole the show when donated the bracelet at the charity party before, the cat and mouse game of Mr. Darren was put at the center of the blade.

So now they needed her, Mrs. An, to help Darren get rid of the rumor.

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