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   Chapter 20 It's You Again

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When they arrived at the hospital, Darren opened the door of the backseat. He saw Amanda holding her belly with her hand. Sweat was running down her forehead and her eyes were red. He frowned and lifted her up.

At the sight of the hospital, Amanda gave a flattering smile, "Don't worry. I can handle by myself." She thought that Darren would leave after she said so, but she didn't expect that her pitiful but tough appearance made Darren feel more awkward. He didn't say anything, just lifted his hands and carried her in, which attracted many people's attention on the way.

Amanda thought, 'I'm a dead person. What if Darren knows that I had a miscarriage?' Will she be killed? Or Cheng family? Darren wouldn't believe the baby was his. He must thought Amanda was carrying someone else's baby. Otherwise why didn't she tell him after the miscarriage? Anyway, Darren had always supposed the worst. It would cause a big storm.

Amanda looked out at the bright sky, as if she could see a fierce storm coming.

"Doctor, her belly hurts. Give her a check-up." Said Darren bluntly.

The nurse looked up and blushed unconsciously. She said in a low voice, "Sir, you have to register first please."

There were several people registered ahead. Seeing this, Amanda was very happy. She said to Darren, "Don't worry about me. You have something to deal with in the company. I can wait here by myself."

However, when Darren glanced at her, he grasped her hand and read her mind. He asked coldly, "Amanda, what tricks are you playing?"

Amanda just rolled her eyes and said nothing.

Darren put her down onto the chair and went straight to the first person in line. He took a wad of money out of his wallet and said indifferently, "Trade for your number."

There were always people who couldn't live without money. Within half a minute, Darren went in with Amanda in his arms.

"Doctor, her belly hurts. Give her a check-up." The man's cold voice echoed in the room.

The doctor was looking through the record. When he turned around, he was a little shocked when seeing it was Amanda. Then Amanda took a look back and recognized him. It was Henry? She came here for gynecology. Why did Henry, who cared for the spleen and kidney, come here? Did she enter the wrong ward? Did she come to the department of urology?

But it was also convenient if the doctor was Henry. Amanda blinked her eyes to him and thought, 'Bro, help me.'

There was some resignation in Henry's eyes. He just came to get some materials, but it seemed that Amanda was in trouble again. The man standing next to her looked unusual at first glance. He was wearing expensive clothes, with sharp and aggressive eyes. Even when he raised his hand by chance, his manners could be seen. It was natural for a tailor-made suit to be on him, and the buttons at the collar were crystals of diamond section. 'He is an extraordinary man.' Henry though.

Darren frowned slightly. Although it was not a surprise to see the male doctor at the department of gynecology, the doctor's inspection still made him a little unhappy. His Adam's Apple moved and he said coldly, "Are you Dr. Qin?"

With all the pathetic sights of Amanda's, Henry replied, "Yes, I am."

"Then, Dr. Melisa, please check her condition quickly." Said Darren slowly.

As his mind was in a total mess, Henry had no choice. Fortunately, the badge on the desk only showed Dr. Melisa Qin without sex and photo, and this gave him the chance to replace her. Henry clear

ed his throat and said, "So please go do a color ultrasound examination first, lady."

After the color ultrasound examination was done, Darren went to get the test report. On the other side, Amanda held Henry's hand and requested, "Help me, please."

"No. You're in too much trouble. This man is not easy to be trifled with." Henry refused directly.

"You can't do that. You've already helped me. You're on the same boat with me. Don't blame me. Just do what you should do." Amanda grabbed his hand tightly and said with a sad face, "Henry, it's a matter of life and death."

"Is there any other symptoms other than these?" The doctor took the notebook and started to record them seriously.

"It's nothing serious, actually. It's just easy to suffer from insomnia and severe headache, and I experienced a lot of hair loss. I have some anemia and fearing of cold, which are a small problems" Amanda explained to the doctor earnestly.

Darren opened the door and saw the scene. He didn't say anything and handed the report to Henry.

Looking at the report, Henry pretended to be serious and said, "Miss Cheng, you are fine. Don't touch cold water. You just caught a cold during your period. And don't eat raw and cold food."

"Thank you, doctor." Amanda said gratefully.

Hearing this, Darren was a little impatient. He said, "Since everything's alright, I have stuff to deal with at company. I have to go now." Then he left directly.

"Oh, how heartless he is!" Henry sighed.

The door was pushed open from the outside, and Henry put on a good doctor identity who devoted himself to work. However, a female doctor came in and said surprisingly, "Henry, why are you here seeing patients?"

Henry waved his hand instantly and said with a smile, "Dr. Melisa, how could I know how to treat your patients. She is my friend. She just dropped by to check on me."

Doctor Qin looked at Amanda suspiciously, and Amanda answered with a smile, "Nice to meet you. I'm one of Henry's friends."

Dr. Qin smiled. In order not to delay her work, Henry took Amanda out of the ward.

Outside, they headed to a cafe. Amanda ordered a cup of hot smoothie. She took a deep breath and said, "I thought I was going to die here."

"You should thank me for my kindness!" Said Henry in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"It's my treat today, order whatever you want." Amanda replied with a smile.

"There is an Emperor Coffee which costs 298 RMB per cup." Said Henry with a wicked smile.

"I'm sorry, bro. Please go easy on me." Amanda implored.

"Continue your story." Henry made a gesture of laziness, he was quite interested in this woman who always got into troubles.

Amanda shrugged her shoulder, "That man is my husband. I don't know what's wrong with him that he insisted to drive me to the hospital. Therefore we sent him off."

"That's not the point." With a serious look on Henry's face, he stirred the coffee slowly, "Don't think I can't read the color ultrasound report. You lost a baby once, and it was the record of in-hospital yesterday."

A chill came to Amanda's heart. She looked at Henry carefully and said coldly, "You went through my profile?"

"Curiosity kills the cat. It's my instinct." Said Henry disapprovingly.

Amanda frowned. Henry looked still casual in front of her, but his eyes were sharp. Then she realized that Henry looked like a cunning fox but actually he was like a lion that pretended to be asleep. She lowered her head and said, "What do you want?"

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