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   Chapter 19 Apology

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After this drama, it was already noon. Back to An family, Amanda found surprisingly that Darren was having lunch at home. People like him would have a lot of social engagements. He was surprisingly at home.

"Mrs. An is back." The servant Nola served the last dish and went to Amanda with a smile.

Amanda nodded, washed her hands and sat down for lunch.

Darren looked up, stared at her and asked, "Where have you been?"

"Hospital." Amanda said.

"Why did it take you so long?" She left at ten o'clock in the morning. Now it was half past twelve. It was only ten minutes' walk from the company to the hospital, and it was just a simple dress of wound.

"Darren, you kicked Charles and now he's in hospital." Amanda said, putting down her chopsticks on the table.

Darren took his plate and picked up a piece of beef and ate it quietly.

Seeing that he didn't response, Amanda then went back to her seat and continued her meal.

Just then, the doorbell suddenly rang. Nola quickly went to open the door. The person outside politely said, "Excuse me, is Mr. Darren at home?"

After hearing the sound, Amanda put down her bowl and chopsticks and stood up.

"Sit down." Said Darren calmly. Amanda stared at him. The voice outside the door was from her uncle. But Darren didn't look surprised at all when he heard it. Charles broke his spleen because of him. Her uncle must come to blame him.

However, here was An family. With the order of Darren, Amanda sat down. She didn't want to entertain this uncle who always hid a dagger behind his smile anyway.

Nola greeted Simon to sit down. Then she walked into the dining room and asked, "Mr. Darren, the man outside introduced himself as Cheng Group's chairman, Simon. He wants to have a talk with you."

"I'm having lunch now. I'll be busy for about an hour. He can go on with his work if he has something to deal with." Said Darren.

Amanda bit the chopsticks. An hour? He had already finished half of his meal now. One hour later, it might be pulled out from his body at that time. Now she could tell that Darren was putting on airs.

Nola replied when she came back. And as expected, Simon told her to ask Mr. Darren to eat slowly. He was not in a hurry, he could wait patiently.

Compared with women of Li Group, Simon was more cunning than them. He won't be foolish enough to blame Darren instead of coming to apologize as soon as he heard Darren kicked Charles.

Amanda felt a little hungry after she was out for a long time, and Nola made very delicious food for her. But she was still a little uneasy when thinking of Simon's usual methods and movements. Seeing that Darren was still having lunch slowly, she couldn't help saying, "You can eat after you go to meet him first."

"Do you think I'm you?" Darren replied unhurriedly.

How about me? Amanda didn't get it, 'Did I look anxious?' But there was no way not to be in a hurry. Simon would always take Sheryl as a hostage. This time, he felt very angry. Maybe he would torture Sheryl in another way. If there was no other way, Amanda would like to take peaceful with Uncle Simon.

"If you want to go, then go. There is no nails on your chair." Seeing her sitting there absentmindedly, Darren felt a little restless. He put the bowl on the table and said to Amanda.

Then Amanda stood up right away and walked out. When she walked out of the dining room, she saw her uncle was sitting in the living room and had a cup of tea prepared by Nola. Simon turned around and saw Amanda. He smiled and asked, "Hello, my dear Amanda, is Mr. Darren still eating?"

Amanda said yes and then sat opposite to her uncle and asked with concern, "How is Charles?"

Uncle Simon laughed and said, "Why do you still mention this disappointing thing? If Mr. Darren weren't not angry, it would be lucky for him

. Your cousin is just a reckless person. He has no bad intentions. Don't take it to heart."

"Please don't say that, Uncle Simon. I only care about Sheryl. I don't take other people and things seriously." Amanda explained.

Simon looked at Amanda up and down. Amanda was a petite and fair skinned girl, who inherited her mother's beautiful eyes. She could be considered a beauty if standing there. When a man and a woman lived alone, they might cross the boundary someday.

However, Simon took a pause. The day at Cheng family, there was a pool of blood under Amanda's body after she was hit. Mrs. Li guessed that she had a miscarriage, but Darren didn't do anything. On the contrary, the vice-president of An Group, Lionel, rushed over in a hurry. Then nothing happened afterwards, which made him kept wondering.

When Charles woke up, he told the whole story. He was impatient while waiting for Darren and he said a few harsh words to Amanda. Then Darren got angry and went up to kick him.

Charles was very evasive and the answer seemed to be ambiguous. But he had a sharp sense that Darren was not completely indifferent to Amanda, otherwise Darren wouldn't be so cruel to him, which made him feel somewhat grateful and a little uneasy.

The good thing was if Amanda had been lucky enough to win Darren's heart, the whole Cheng family would have some connection. But the bad thing was, the truth was that Amanda had hatred for them more than love for years.

But it didn't matter. After all, they had Sheryl in hand. As long as they had Sheryl as hostage, they wouldn't be afraid that Amanda would be disobedient.

"Amanda, your cousin just lost his temper for the moment. I will teach him a lesson. You are the wife of Mr. Darren, so please persuade him not to fight with his family. Right? If you have time, go back home more often. Your aunt and you cousin Susie are looking forward to your return." Simon knew that Darren didn't want to see him. He took the opportunity to leave when he saw Amanda came to talk to him.

Amanda walked him out with smile all the time. After he left, she shut the door and complained, "You cunning old fox! How dare you keep saying we are a family!"

"Rude." It was unknown when Darren stood in the corridor and seemed to have heard their conversation. Suddenly, he uttered and startled Amanda. She jumped two steps away and said impatiently, "Are you cosplaying a spirit behind me?!"

When she realized what just happened, she laughed and said in a more casual manner, "I'm always a vulgar person. I don't have the same rules as the lady of your family. If you want to see the elegant lady, you can go to see Rose."

Darren said coldly, "It's good that you know who you are." Then he picked up his coat and went out.

Amanda was a little bit angry, 'He was a man of few words, yet he could always hurt others with his words.' In her opinion, comparing to Rose, she was not lower than her in status. Amanda felt a pain in her belly. Her face turned pale and then she rushed to the bathroom.

When she came out with a painful face, she saw Darren back again.

Startled, Darren asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Amanda was a little surprised to see him back, and the pain flashed on her face. She lost her balance and fell to the carpet. Looking at Darren, who was about to pick her up, Amanda immediately reached out her hand to push him away, and said, "I'm fine. Go ahead with your work. Don't worry about me."

But Darren ignored her request and took her directly to the hospital. At this moment, Amanda had no strength to struggle. Her belly still ached when she was in the car. It was the first day after the miscarriage, and it hurt so much. She curled up at the back seat with hands over her belly. She was afraid that she might have sequel after the miscarriage yesterday.

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