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   Chapter 18 Hiding

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6128

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"Yes, I am here to see a doctor." With her eyes wide open, Amanda smiled politely, "But I think I got into the wrong room. I'm sorry."

Ignoring her, Henry lowered his head and continued writing. The door was opened and then closed. He looked up with displeasure, seeing the girl who broke in inexplicably pulled the curtain and look around the room anxiously. He said calmly, "Miss, if there is nothing else, please go out. Don't affect other patients."

Amanda made a 'quiet' gesture to him and said, "Please help me."

"Are you stalked? Robbed? Or threatened? You don't come from the psychiatry department next door, do you?" Henry narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Amanda carefully.

A woman asked curiously outside, "Should I go in here? Why is the curtain closed and the door closed? Is Dr. Zhao there?" Someone knocked on the door.

Before Henry could answer, his mouth was covered by a small hand. There was a faint fragrance in her cold hand, and the girl's unprepared expression was in front of him.

It never occurred to Amanda that Mrs. Li and Susie turned around and came to this room. As soon as she opened the door, she was almost found by them. There was no place to hide in the room, and now they were right outside the door.

"Dr. Zhao, please let me hide in this place for a while." Amanda pleaded in a low voice.

Before Henry could react, Amanda bent over and went under his desk. Susie opened the door impatiently and saw the doctor lowering his head looking at something. She said with dissatisfaction, "Dr. Zhao, it's still working hours. Could you work hard now?"

Henry had no choice but to sit straight, showing her working status and asked Susie, "What can I do for you?"

Susie handed the test report to him and said, "This is the test report of Charles, bed number 161. I need you to prescribe medicine for him."

Henry took over the report and looked at it. Mrs. Li asked anxiously, "Doctor, how's my son now? Will it have any bad influence on him having a baby in the future?"

The corner of Henry's mouth twitched. He shook his head and said, "It's just the spleen bleeding."

Tears welled up in Mrs. Li's eyes as once she heard Henry's words, "How could it happen?"

Susie was not reconciled and said, "Mom, don't worry. I will never let go of the little bitch when I catch her." Then, Susie took out her phone and dialed again.

When Amanda's phone flashed, she was startled. Luckily she had turned off the volume. Now just the screen was on, but there was still vibration. Although it was not loud, there was still a sound in this quiet room.

Shocked by Henry, he looked down at Amanda who just hung up the phone in a hurry. There was a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

After being hung up the phone, Susie made another call. Amanda had already turned off the vibration too. Looking at the constantly bright screen, Amanda smiled reluctantly to Henry.

Henry was helpless with the woman under his desk. He could do nothing but write some forms as quickly as possible, hopin

g that these two ladies in front of him could leave as soon as possible.

"Doctor Zhao, did your phone ring just now?" Mrs. Li kindly reminded Henry.

With his head bowed, Henry wrote on the prescription. Without changing his countenance, he said, "It was just an alarm clock."

Mrs. Li and Susie took the form and left finally. Henry stepped back and said, "Miss Cheng, could you please come out?"

Getting out from under the desk, Amanda smiled at Henry and said, "Thank you. Thank you for helping me today."

"Why are you hiding from those two people? Are you family or enemy? Did Charles, who hurt his spleen, get injured because of you?" Henry seemed to have no reaction on anything, but his questions had a clear train of thought.

"Nominally, we are family, but they treat me as an enemy." Amanda said.

"I want to know." Said Henry calmly.

"What? Why?" Amanda looked at him surprisingly. It was obvious that Henry didn't like to talk to others at all. When he gave them the medicine, he sounded cold and detached. How could he care about her business?

"It's boring to sit here all day. Finally there's something interesting." Henry explained.

All of a sudden, the door was opened from outside. Mrs. Li came in with the prescription and asked in confusion, "Doctor Zhao, can you please check where can we get the medicines?"

Henry walked to the front from his desk and pointed at the form to Mrs. Li. She thanked him, turned around and left.

With her hands covering her head, Amanda got out from the desk in a gasp of air. She rushed to the desk just now and her head hit the desk directly. She still had to endure the pain to listen to the speech of Mrs. Li and Henry. She rubbed her head to gasp for air after Mrs. Li finally left.

Henry looked at her awkward face, and smiled with surprise.

"That's it. He went to look for trouble from my cheap husband. As a result, he was kicked and sent to the hospital. But he felt embarrassed to say that my husband kicked him, so he blamed it on me. I'm so weak. How could I kick someone hard like this? How dare they bully me like this?" Amanda simplified her experience to Henry.

Henry approvingly nodded and said, "Indeed. You only have the ability to bump your head." With these words, he couldn't help bursting into laughter and said, "It was so tortuous!"

Amanda rolled her eyes on him. But for the sake of his help, she didn't plan to argue with him over this. At this moment, while Mrs. Li and Susie were out, Amanda had to go back in a hurry.

Amanda still felt dizzy on the way home, so she clutched her head and went back by taxi. Thinking of that even an indifferent person like Henry could be amused to laugh by her tortuous experience, she wondered if she wanted to see a life with such disgusting story written on it.

Amanda smiled. The sun was shining brightly outside. Compared with other people's laughter and mockery, the pain and bitterness she had experienced were too hard for anyone else to understand. All her story was only a joke.

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