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   Chapter 17 The Hospital

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6955

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"Where are you taking me to?" Amanda took a step back and got rid of Darren's hand because she had heard clearly what he had said.

"Hospital. To dress the wound." Darren's hand was shook off by her, he frowned and said unhappily, "Otherwise, where do you think I'm taking you to?"

"No, I can do it by myself." Amanda stared at him angrily, "If you really have the good heart to help me, please don't say that nonsense any more. There is nothing between Mr. Lionel and me. He helped me just because he couldn't bear to see me being bullied."

"You have been bullied? You are married to An Group, who dares to bully you?" Darren said coldly, "If you are bullied in this way, it's because you are useless."

Amanda was surprised by what he said. The whole An Group knew that she was the woman that Darren hated the most. Everyone wanted to step on her and ask for rewards. How could he claim that she was married to An Group?

Which Group CEO's wife would give out 10000 leaflets when she came to the company?

Which Group CEO's wife would be locked in the archives center at midnight?

She was badly injured due to his pushing. In the studio, she was surrounded by a group of malicious people.

He didn't care about her awkwardness for so many times, and sometimes he even pushed her further and ruined her dignity in front of everyone.

Amanda he pushed him away and entered the elevator. After she stepped out of An Group, she took a deep breath and smiled. This didn't matter. Mrs. An was just a trade. She should never have expected anything from Darren and she didn't need him to do anything for her.

But thinking of the hard kick Charles got, Amanda felt really satisfied.

"Oh, it's Amanda. Why are you off the company so early? CEO's wife is really different." Nancy was just back from meeting customers. Seeing Amanda walking out of the elevator, Nancy couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Now that you know I'm the wife of your CEO, how dare you irritate me? You must look down upon your CEO, don't you?" Amanda proposed.

"You're right. I don't have the guts to offend you. CEO's wife could even hit Rose when she wants, I'm just a nobody. I'm afraid of her more." Nancy snorted.

Last time when Amanda was framed, the news spread all over the company, that the reason why she fought with Rose was because she was angry with the rumor between Darren and Rose. As a result, Rose was injured. The company's advertising had to postpone the shooting for half a month. In addition, because of the wound on Rose's leg, many substitutes were used.

If there weren't for Mrs. An's identity, the news would have been already exposed to the media. There would have been many fans of Rose's to surround and attack Amanda, and how could she have such a good time now?

Amanda said coldly, "So you must don't mess with me. I don't care about the job anyway. If you keep provoking me, you will make a fool of yourself." As soon as she finished her words, Amanda walked away on her high heels, leaving furious Nancy behind.

Although Charles pushed her hard, Amanda only suffered some bruises. It was easy to disinfect and apply some medicine and she would be fine. Then Amanda went to the nearest hospital to the company and got herself some medicine. When she arrived, she saw Aunt Li and Susie hurry into the elevator. She was confused and wondered why they came to the hospital. Who had any accident?

Amanda took a look at the floor num

ber they stopped at and then went up by the next lift.

When she arrived at the ninth floor, Amanda kept looking around while walking. From a distance, she saw Susie coming out of a ward and making a phone call angrily. Before she could react, her phone rang. It was from Susie.

Amanda answered the phone, hiding herself.

Susie scolded on the other end of the line, "Amanda, get your ass to the hospital, now!"

Every time she spoke to Amanda, she sounded as if she had eaten firecracker, just the exact same as Charles. Was it because Amanda was too weak to be bullied, or because they thought she owed them?

Amanda leaned against the wall and asked casually, "What's up?"

"Amanda you bastard, how dare you attack my brother! Are you still a member of Cheng family? Since you married to An family, don't you know who you are now?" Susie received a call in a hurry. Charles felt a terrible pain in his stomach when he came back from An Group. He went to have a check-up, and it turned out to be visceral bleeding, which scared the whole family. The operation for Charles just came to an end, which scared Mrs. Li and Susie to death.

Charles didn't dare to say that it was Darren who kicked him. He just said vaguely that he want to An Group before becoming like this. The first person they thought of was Amanda.

The corners of Amanda mouth twitched with anger, "Susie, if I were able to kick your brother to death, I wouldn't have been here listening to you insult me like this. Go and find Darren if you dare, go beat and scold him if you dare. Don't bully me." Then Amanda hung up the phone.

It turned out that Charles was injured because of the kick. His internal organs were bleeding. Amanda was impressed. She didn't expect that Darren was that relentless, though he looked so weak and didn't have enough strength. She had fought with him for several times, and if Darren kicked her once, she would probably die directly.

After thinking for a while, Amanda felt like a loser, 'I haven't been beaten to death by Darren. Should I have to thank him for not killing me?'

However, she frowned slightly, 'Why did Darren suddenly treated Charles so relentless?' Was it just because she was pushed by Charles?

The moment Amanda came up with this idea, she rejected it immediately. How could Darren stand up for her? She sneered. He had always been careless to use the worst thoughts and the cruelest way to deal with her. He would treat her with the most painful way. The only reason he did differently this time, was to stop her Mrs. An's identity from damaged.

"Mom, how dare Amanda hang up on me?" Susie's voice came close all of a sudden. Amanda was shocked. They came over unconsciously. Her mind was in a mess. If they found her at this time, it would definitely be another trouble. But there was nothing that could block her way now, so they could see her when they came over.

Amanda opened the door nearby, closed it and leaned against it. Outside the door, Susie and Mrs. Li were walking passed by the window. Susie looked angry, and Mrs. Li patted her daughter to make her calm down.

Amanda let out a sigh of relief. Then she saw a doctor in the white gown looking at her suspiciously.

The doctor looked young, and the badge on him indicated that his surname was Zhao, first name was Henry. There was no expression on his face, and he looked very calm too. He stared at Amanda and asked, "Are you here to see a doctor?"

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