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   Chapter 16 Confrontation

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When Darren sat in the office, his assistant Sophie knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Darren, the general manager of Cheng Group is waiting for you in the reception room. He wants to have a meeting with you from 9:00 to 9:30."

"No, I don't want to see him." said Darren, waving his hand lazily.

Sophie turned to arrange accordingly. When she opened the door, Darren suddenly stopped her. She looked back at him curiously and wondered, Mr. Darren is always a decisive and efficient man. Why was there doubt on his face? Cheng Group is just a small company. Comparing with An Group, it's just too small. Why should Mr. Darren care about it?

"Tell him to go to the conference room in ten minutes." Said Darren in a low voice.

Sophie went to the reception room and smiled politely, "Mr. Cheng, Mr. Darren is busy now. He will meet you in conference room in ten minutes. Please wait for a moment."

Charles stood up in a hurry and said with a smile, "Thanks for your help, Sophie."

Through his eyes, Sophie was dressed in a white uniform with black stripes, which outlined the attractive V line on the collar. Plus, Sophie had a delicate and indifferent face. If a beauty like her came to his side, his life would be more relaxed than that of the heavens hall.

Sophie struggled through her career step by step, she saw through Charles's mind at a glance. After reporting to him, she turned around and left.

"Sophie, who is Mr. Darren meeting?" When Nancy came out of the tea room and saw Sophie, she greeted her with a smile.

"It is just the general manager of Cheng Group," answered Sophie.

"I heard that man is a ruffian." Nancy sighed and shook her head, "I really don't know how come family like Cheng family can marry Mr. Darren. It's really losing out."

Sophie said calmly, "This is none of our business. Mr. Darren needs to read the report for next month. Send it to my office later."

Nancy stood up and escorted Sophie off. Her face changed immediately, 'She is just an assistant. How come she is even more arrogant than me, a manager. Well, but she is Mr. Darren's assistant, is more omnipotent than me in front of Mr. Darren.' she thought.

Charles came here to talk with Darren about the withdrawal of the capital yesterday. He remembered that Darren had given the order to continue the cooperation with him last night, but the capital was still locked in the bank. The head of the bank was playing Tai Chi with him and wanted him to give some money secretly, which was too much for Charles, so he wanted to take the opportunity to look for his brother-in-law and bond with him as well. Usually, Charles had no right to make friends with people like Mr. Darren.

Sitting in the reception room, Charles waited for a long time, but Darren didn't show up. Charles started to feel anxious, hopeful and disturbed at the same time.

At the corner of the corridor in front of the reception room, Lionel was coming up towards Darren. Seeing Darren, Lionel stopped immediately.

They were close friends. But Amanda had meddled in, so the two men couldn't get along anymore.

"She is just a dispensable chess piece of Cheng family. This is not your style." Darren said slightly, "The progress of the case in America is not bad. You should follow it up. In the future, your performance will also be counted on the board of directors."

"Darren, listen to me. My style is that I'll do what I think is the right thing. And I'll do my best to achieve my goal. Besides, I know better than anyone else about the fact of your marriage. You don't love Amanda at all." Said Lionel.

"Do you like her?" Darren suddenly asked with a smile.

Hearing this, Lionel hesitated for a while.

Amanda paused for some time, while her phone kept ringing because Charles was urging her. She hung up the phone unconsciously, and wai

ted for the reply from Lionel at the corner.

"Do you think that you can only help others when you like them?" Lionel frowned and said, "Because you dislike her, she got bullied all the time in the company. Now that you were dissatisfied with the marriage arranged by your father, you can treat your dissatisfaction to a person who is trapped in the marriage just like you."

"That's none of your business. It's not your turn to judge me." Darren stopped smiling and said coldly, "Just tell me, do you like Amanda?"

"That's my business, I don't have to tell you." "I'll stick to what I'm going to do. If it isn't accordance with your faith, then there's nothing else I can do," Lionel declared.

"If you don't like her, you can speak it out straightforwardly. Lionel, your duplicity is still like always. You like Amanda, right?" Darren stared at Lionel. He paused for a second and said to Lionel with interest, "What a pity. We already had sex on our wedding night. If you want a second-hand woman, I don't mind it."

Amanda clenched the bag in her hand and leaned against the glass with her lips bit. She slowly squatted down and didn't want to listen to what he said, because Darren just called her a second-hand woman in front of Lionel.

Darren thought that Lionel would say something like that I misunderstood or what, but instead with a bitter smile on his face, Lionel said gently, "I know."

Darren froze, and then his eyes became fierce, "You know? How did you know? How could Amanda even tell you this?"

"Enough!" The next second, Amanda came out from the corner. Her eyes were burning with rage and her body was as tense as a little beast which had been injured badly.

Darren looked at her and frowned, "Why are you here?" 'Didn't this damn woman say she wanted to rest at home? Why is she here in the company?'

When Amanda was about to speak, the door of the reception room opened. Charles got exasperated since Amanda hadn't answered his phone no matter how hard he tried. When he saw Amanda standing there, he got more furious. Charles grabbed Amanda's collar and scolded, "Bitch, why did you come here so late? Did you offend Mr. Darren again? Otherwise why didn't Mr. Darren see me? Go and beg Mr. Darren now. If you can't get the money, I'll kill you!"

Amanda was pushed hard by Charles. His sudden action caught her off guard. The flower rack next to her fell to the ground. In a big stride, Lionel held Amanda and asked worriedly, "Are you okay? Where did you get hurt?"

Darren's heart tightened. He looked at Charles coldly and said, "This is An Group. Manager Cheng, you did put on airs. How dare you hit my wife in An Group?"

It was not until then that Charles found out that Darren was also there. He immediately took back his hand, smiled awkwardly and said, "Mr. Darren, you are finally here. I was just too anxious to wait."

"Too anxious." Unexpectedly, Darren kicked on Charles's belly. His movement was fast and steady. Charles was a fat sack, how could he fight back? Charles covered his stomach with one of his hands and squatted down. He said, "Mr. Darren, let's have a talk. Don't be angry for such a woman."

"You hurt my woman. Do you have anything to say to me? Get out!" Darren said in a cold voice.

"Mr. Darren, this woman is just a pawn of our cooperation. Why do you take her seriously?" Charles was in a cold sweat because of the pain.

Darren didn't respond. He reached out his hand and pulled Amanda over. Lionel didn't make a move, "Take care of yourself." he nodded to Amanda.

Amanda stood still as she watched Lionel leave. Seeing her look, Darren said unhappily, "The man has left. Would you like to follow him?"

When Amanda was about to say something, her face went pale. Her elbow was scratched by a sharp iron wire. Darren frowned and took her downstairs.

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