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   Chapter 15 A Desire To Escape From The Marriage

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 5886

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Amanda was biting her lips, and said, "I'm not a piece of good for you to evaluate and calculate. Even though Gu family wants to marry me, I won't marry Lionel if I don't love him. I have to marry you this time."

"People will learn to compromise. What's the difference between once and tenth time?" Darren said, "If you don't want to get in the car, you can walk home."

Amanda went onto the car in haste. At the moment, her phone rang. It was from a stranger. She answered it immediately. Susie shouted on the other end of the phone, "Amanda, you bitch! You stole my husband!" Susie seemed to be drunk.

Darren pressed the brake pedal. His face turned completely gloomy. He couldn't understand how chaotic the relationship between this woman and others. Wasn't Lionel enough for her? She even dared to have involved another man. What kind of person did she take Darren as? Damn it! He had to give her a lesson.

Startled by the sharp brake of Darren, and cursed by Susie over the phone, Amanda was confused. Then she yelled at Susie, "Susie, make it clear how I took your husband away from you. I don't even know your husband's surname or his appearance. Don't think you can be mad at me when you are drunk."

Susie snapped, "Amanda, how can you be such a shameless bastard by taking other's husband? Do you really think Mr. Darren loves you? I can tell you that the only reason is that Mr. Darren needs a partner. I'm way better than you in terms of appearance and family status, how dare you fight against me? Why did everyone want you to marry Darren? It was me who loved Darren the most and I deserved him the most."

Hearing Susie's scolding, Amanda was relieved surprisingly. Then she looked at Darren. The man didn't say anything unexpectedly. It seemed that he was listening attentively and there was even a smile on his face.

"You deserve as you want. I won't force you. Besides, compared with you, Rose is more competitive." Amanda sat next to Darren and tried to transfer Susie's anger to another one.

Susie spit and said, "Do you think I dare not to talk about this bitch? Who the hell is she? She's a low-class actress and she wants to compete with me. An family won't let her, a dirty one, marry Darren. She just likes to pretend to be pitiful. What's there to be afraid of? I can kill her with one hand."

Darren was a little displeased. When he drove back to An family, he got off the car and directly went upstairs.

Amanda covered her belly with her hands and went upstairs slowly. It was almost dawn when she lay on the bed. She still remembered how Lionel and Darren confronted each other in the ward. It occurred to her that Lionel said, she could ask him for help if she took him as a friend.

His warm words touched Amanda's heart. But the feeling vanished in an instant. She couldn't do that, because she knew in her present status, she could only be a burden to Lionel. She couldn't give him


The next morning, when Darren got up, he didn't see Amanda. He opened the door and found Amanda sleeping soundly in her bed. He threw back her quilt immediately and called with a frown, "Do you have any idea what time it is now, Amanda? Why don't you get up?"

Amanda turned her body in an attempt to get the quilt, but she couldn't get it. Feeling a little uncomfortable, she lifted her arm and said, "Mr. Lionel told me to ask for a leave."

"How long?" Asked Darren.

"A month." She answered in a daze.

"Why?" Seeing that she was still in a daze, Darren asked.

As a matter of fact, Amanda just wanted to get the quilt and fall asleep as soon as possible. Hearing the voice kept asking her, it was hard for her to have a good rest. With a painful expression, Amanda covered her head and said, "Well, it's always said that it takes a hundred days to recover."

She thought that it would be better for her to have a rest for one month after she lost her baby. However, what she said meant something else to Darren, "Where did you get hurt?" he asked with an unhappy face.

Amanda murmured, "You're so annoying. Of course I was hurt at Cheng family. When they heard that the bastard Darren withdrew his investment, they called me back and scolded me." she complained.

Darren's mouth twitched slightly, "Then did you know why you were scolded?"

"Because they say something wrong." Amanda fumbled around and finally found the quilt. But she couldn't pull the quilt, instead, she took herself to the bedside. Her fluffy hair ran across Darren's arm that was gripping the quilt, which made him feel itchy.

At this time, Amanda was lovable and obedient, totally different from the girl who would never turn back even if she was hurt to bleed. If she was always so cute, he didn't mind raising a woman as cute as raising a pet.

"What a bastard Darren is! He should stay with Rose. Why did he come to me?" Amanda turned over and kept murmuring. Then she heard the door closing, which woke her up.

After a night of rest, Amanda felt better. The servant had begun to clean the house, she asked the servant to cook a bowl of chicken soup for her. At the same time, Lionel sent her a text message, from which he told her the date of her leave and the basic salary that she would get. Amanda read Lionel's message and her mood was complicated.

She was a little bit boring, so she turned on the TV. Within the entertainment channel, there would be news about Rose. Looking at her beautiful face, Amanda felt ironic. The idol of the common people was actually a woman who was very scheming. No wonder people said that the entertainment circle was a bad one.

She really hoped that Darren would be foolish enough to ask Rose to marry him. In that case, Amanda would be able to legally get rid of the identity of Mrs. An as well as this cold and cruel marriage, but for the time being, it seemed impossible.

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