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   Chapter 14 Treat Me As A Friend

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"What time is it now? Why do you come to see the patient in the middle of the night? Aren't you feeling well?" Lionel saw that Amanda was only wearing a shirt, frowned and said to her unhappily.

Amanda shook her head and said with a smile, "I'm fine. What a coincidence to meet you here, Mr. Lionel!"

"I came here just to send some files. I was about to leave when I saw you rushing in. I thought I was mistaken. Is this your brother?" Lionel looked at the young man lying on the bed. Cheng family's secret was kind of no-so-secret. He had heard about the news that Amanda's younger brother, Sheryl, had become a human vegetable because of the car accident. Cheng family kept a low profile in this regard. Although Lionel was one of the shareholders of this hospital, he hadn't expected that Sheryl would live here.

Amanda nodded and held Sheryl's hand, "He is fifteen years old now. Kids at his age are all running and jumping around. However, he can only lie here, feeling nothing." As Amanda spoke, she lowered her head, held Sheryl's hand and began to cry. She had been worried all the way to the hospital that if Uncle Simon got angry from embarrassment, he would do something to hurt Sheryl. Now seeing that Sheryl was safe, Amanda was finally relieved.

Lionel didn't expect Amanda's tears. He patted her shoulder and asked, "What are you crying for?"

Amanda shook her head and said in a low voice, "Don't worry about me, Mr. Lionel. I'm sorry for what I have done to Sheryl. Every time I see him, I feel terrible. Please let me cry, that makes me feel better."

"Did you marry to An family just for his sake?" Lionel thought about this a little while, figured out the reasons quickly. Then he sighed and continued, "If you are in any trouble, maybe I can help you."

"I'm fine now, and I don't want to bother you anymore. Mr. Lionel, you have really helped me a lot. It's unnecessary for you to do this." Amanda didn't think she had any relationship with Lionel, and she couldn't help him in any way. But Lionel had helped her a lot, and got Darren's suspicion and slander because of her. No matter what, she couldn't let Lionel got involved in her business anymore.

"Last time, I told you that as your boss, there are many things I can't help with." Lionel raised his head and looked at Amanda. Flatly, he said, "But as your friend, I have many more things that I can do. If you take me as your friend, you can just ask me."

"No, I really don't need anything." Amanda raised her eyes to look at Lionel, recalling that he had saved her from the jaws of death several times, she suddenly had a bold idea. She looked at Lionel and asked, "If I ask, can I give you a hug?"

In a daze, Lionel subconsciously nodded.

Then Amanda walked to Lionel, and put her hand around him. Her chin rested on the shoulders of Lionel. This feeling was strange, but familiar. Amanda tried his best to remember all the things in her memory. It seemed that a long time ago, her father's hug was so reliable, warm and safe.

"I heard that hug can give people a sense of security." Lionel said, slightly moving his body.

Amanda nodded and released her hands, "Thank you, Mr. Lionel. I feel like I'm refreshed now. I'm not afraid of anything now." s

he said. While saying that, she gave him a smile, while the tears on her face hadn't been wiped away. Such a smile looked silly, but it was the most touching one.

"It seems that I have missed a good show." A man clapped his hands and came in. Amanda and Lionel looked at the door and found Darren leaning against the door. His eyes were as cold as ice.

Looking at Darren, Lionel asked calmly, "When did you arrive?"

"Probably when you were having a heart to heart talk." Darren said coldly.

"Don't get us wrong, Darren. I have nothing to do with Mr. Lionel." Amanda explained hurriedly.

Darren took her by the hand and said, "Let's go back first. Aren't you shameful enough?"

Lionel raised his hand in front of Darren and blocked him.

"Lionel, what do you mean?" Looking at Lionel's hand, Darren stopped, turned his head and stared at Lionel with his unruly eyes.

With an apathetic expression, Lionel said in a calm voice, "I think we can have a talk."

"I don't think we need to talk. Now I'm going to take my wife home." Said Darren.

Lionel nodded, "I have no objection if you want to take your wife home, but I have an obligation to protect my friend from being bullied in front of me. So I have to ask my friend first."

Darren looked at Lionel and smiled, "Friend? Lionel, you have a really wide range of friends. You can make friends with any kind of person, can't you? Should I applaud and congratulate you? Or should I make a generous offer to you?" With these words, he pulled Amanda's hand, and gave her a push towards Lionel's arm. Then Darren stood up, closed the door behind him and left.

Amanda felt anxious and thought, 'If Darren gets angry, he won't let go of Cheng family. All I have done is for Sheryl's safety. I won't let Darren do anything to hurt him.' Thinking of this, she hurried to catch up with Darren.

Darren's legs are pretty long, therefore he walked really fast. Amanda ran after him with her hands on her belly. She couldn't hold on any longer after breathing in cold air and had to move slowly. Seeing that Amanda was chasing Darren with difficulty, Lionel caught up and lifted her up from the ground and sent her to Darren's face before Darren got into the car. And then Lionel said coldly, "If I were you, I would really feel ashamed of myself like this!"

With that, Lionel turned around and walked away, as if his figure had never appeared in the boundless night.

Darren frowned and asked, "What does he mean?"

Amanda explained, "Mr. Lionel meant that you misunderstood us. We didn't do anything. Your doubt is unrealistic. As a husband, you should trust your wife first."

"Really?" Darren smiled sarcastically and said, "You are really his good fortune teller. I have known him for more than ten years. I have never seen him fall out with me for any woman. Amanda, what do say if I pack you as a whole and send you to him? Do you think this will be worth my invested money?"

With her eyes wide open, Amanda looked at Darren and heard him saying, "But because you were named after Cheng family, that was why I reluctantly chose to marry you. Gu family has no relationship with Cheng family, and you have already married once, so Gu family will not allow you to marry him."

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